Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Harsh Worlds Fiction - The power of words

Words, Words have a funny way of producing thoughts and emotions you'd otherwise never have considered from love to hate, lust to malice. They make you think of things that otherwise would have eluded your mind. The words I heard that night had that exact effect on me.

I pulled myself off the Gallente bed, the comfort of the silk sheets and puffy duvet lost on me due to a restless night, I felt like a Matari had just slammed his pool cue onto my temple my head was throbbing so I stumbled to the washroom. Splashing water over my face I looked up searching for the face behind last nights dream but only saw my own haggard reflection staring back. It'd been months since id seen Dusty or Counter we had scattered after the station siege from what have now been confirmed as Sansha. Concord Reports told of many planets falling to them as they swept across the galaxy there one minute gone the next.

It was theorised that they were using some kind of wormhole generation technology to transverse from what ever dark corner they were hiding in. It wouldn't matter if we knew anyway they crushed any resistance with relative ease and with seemingly endless numbers it looked like a fight we'd always lose. The problem was getting a fleet large enough together and reaching the incursion before they killed and kidnapped everyone an left.

I turned to aura and booted her up, I sent a message to Dusty and Counter calling for a meeting, I knew after last night that I'd be needing all of my friends... My gut was telling me I was in danger.. But from what? I didn't know there and then but I was determined to find out...

Sorry it took so long works been crazy and I've been lazy! Next part will be tomorrow or maybe even tonight just to catch up alittle!

Enjoy and comments :)

Randy 0/

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