Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Never assume things, it gets you killed

As the title says never assume things in eve. It'll get you killed! Never assume the gate is clear, never assume they don't have fast tackle and yes the guy in your belt is probably going to explode your hulk so don't assume he's salvaging.

I was out and about the other day popping around D87 in curse my little home from home. It was quiet as it always is before peak time and I was chilling out in my pilgrim when I noticed a arbitrator jump in from P04 and warp off I did a scan and waited and scanned again starting to see mission wrecks pop up, rather then do the tedious thing and scan him down I decided to hop into P04 and cloak just off the gate in the hope of catching him.

I sat waiting while a alliance buddy of mine was scrambling to find fittings for a ship so he could Join in, Another five minutes of waiting saw the Arbitrator jump back in. He held cloak alittle then tried to warp off luckily he landed 10km from me and I was already decloaked so one overheated pulse of the scram and web where enough to stop him from fleeing. I popped drones proceededto relinquish his hull from him. In hind sight I should have used Valks instead of Hobgoblins as he made it to gate with 20% structure and instead of my buddy waiting to catch him he jumped in as he jumped out. -facepalm-

He warped off and logged out in D87 I was too say the least alittle disappointed we didn't get the kill but I was determined so I hopped into "Jog On" my trusty sabre! Went around the loop to V7D and 5E chasing a Ishkur when my bud let me know the Arbitrator was back online I warped and jumped into D87 and warped to the P04 gate he let me know he was above gate and shortly after that he'd warped to gate. He jumped as I landed and jumped with him dropping a bubble on the other side and getting my scram and web and bumps on him the sabre ripping him apart as my pal jumped in to help finish him off, he tried getting clear of the bubble to save his pod but couldn't make it and died a squishy pod goo filled death. I think he assumed i was doing something else or that my pilgrim couldn't catch him if I was on gate, he assumed wrong. I scooped the loot and corpse and docked back up feeling much better about my ability to catch people.

I gave the loot to my pal ARGEN TUNE so he can sell it or use it for future fittings ;)

Was a fun little engagement even if he didn't die first time round. Hopefully more opportunity a will present themselves over the week for me to take advantage of!

New fiction post due sometime this weekend and "Trust in the Rust" podcast is making its debut!

Fly safe!

Randy o/

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