Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Blogger Initiative - Competition?

We see it every week or at least I do from watching Youtube videos or generally reading blogs that generosity goes along way in the world of Eve, From allowing some of the top PVP pilots to continue making there amazing videos, Yes Kil2 I'm looking at you! Right up to funding various ventures such as Hulkageddon ( Seriously Helicty your a credit to the Eve community! Those miners hurting those poor defenseless rocks!)

So in line with the Blogger Initiative I will be looking at setting up a competition for three category's of new blogs. I think I'm going to go with Pirating/PVP, Research/Industry and PVE Based. It's kind of hard to define the topics without forgetting a part of Eve.

So the Pirate one is easy enough it covers any blogs whose content will or does relate primarily to PVP/Pirating.

Research/Industry will include high sec POS based research market related blogs or anything todo with mining.

PVE Will relate to mostly Incursion and Mission runners.

All these will be refined over the next few days. I will see about enlisting the help of some fellow bloggers to help with this as it will be a monumental task.

The three prizes as such will more then likely be a Cynabal for the PVP based one. Possibly a BPO or a Hulk for the Industry based one and Fully fitted Raven? for the mission runner one! Prizes and Rules subject to change! This is just a brief outline on what I wanna do. Any help would be appreciated and hey if you wanna drop a prize into the prize pool no matter how small we can do something really good for the new bloggers joining our ranks everyday and make someones day.

Rand o/

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