Sunday, 13 May 2012

Harsh Worlds Fiction - Close Call

It was the morning after the meeting, I awoke to find myself slumped over a rather odd looking piece of metal, as I gained my focus back I realised that I had actually slept on top of my ship. The sleek metallic black and blue hull of the curse bobbing in the gravity dock below me. I hadn't picked the most ideal place to take a nap, I could hear the faint humming of the energy neutralisers behind me. I called on Aura to open the maintenance hatch to the pod and slid down inside. Wired and mechanised restraints hugged me and connected themselves to my neural relays I felt a jolt as the ship systems were taken control by own neural network. I could see the interface materialise Infront of me as the ship ran a systems check. I'd taken on the role of a pod pilot shortly after the battle in Podion. I had been so close to dieing I wasn't prepared to go through that again. I urged the ship out of the docking port and silently we slid out into deep space.

The night before had left me drained, and hungover, I pushed the ship into warp to the first stargate and jumped as I watched my world dematerialise Infront of me I caught a faint glimpse of a golden husk decloak behind me.

Once navigation was back online the view screen filled with dots... Big red dots! Alarms started sounding and I sent the ships crew to battle stations... I held our natural cloak while the huge behemoths that were the Sansha approached the gate it was going to be close...if they stayed.. We were all dead. But fate smiled on us today as they started to dematerialise, And as the last one vanished our cloak faded... Sweat was no doubt dripping down the brows of the crew... Mine included. I proceeded to send a distress signal to the station informing them of the impending attack and was told the station had started it's evacuation late into the night only a skeleton crew was left.

I aligned to the out gate and relayed one final message to the station. It read "Tell the boys once the cyno is up... It's all out war and not to hold back"

"Looking forward to it, Station out" was the reply.

I flexed my muscles and felt the ships hardener's fire up and hurled her into warp. I needed to get back to highsec...

As we were in warp a strange silence engulfed the ship and a voice spoke out.

"In the wake of our destruction new life will be born.. Embrace it.. Accept it, for it is the path all life shall take" the hollow voice echoed through my mind as if It were coming from all directions, my stomach knotted and I screamed out "I will find you! And when I do there won't be a damned thing to stop me shredding you into a thousand pieces!" I took a deep breath and sagged back down it had been awhile since I had let the anger boil up to breaking point.

I set course for Inaro it was time to pick up a ship more suited to handle the oncoming storm. My baby. Serenity...

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