Wednesday, 30 May 2012

CCP - Just a little thanks

Years ago I played Warcraft! Yes feel free to stick razor blades under my knee caps and make me jump on a trampoline, but at the time I enjoyed it, I was younger Warcraft appealed to me like a fat kid in a cake shop. I never quite got the same sense of vastness or achievement out of any other game until that is my cousin started playing Eve.

It was back around 2005 I watched him playing what is now old school Eve, the graphics were awesome as far as graphics could go back then and the game looked never ending. I remember the red and black skins for the ships before the revamp I remember the introduction of the Heavy interdictors! All from him and despite it being a harsh unforgiving world it called to me. I wanted something fresh something so far out of the box it'd built its own castle and was bombarding the stuff inside the box with cream pies. I finally made the transition to Eve sometime in the end of 2008 and I've never looked back. Eve in itself is a fantastic awe inspiring game that no one has matched. The game play is fluid and immersive, the communities are vibrant and committed providing the game with some of the best content I've ever seen in a MMO such as Helicity and Mittens Hulkageddon, The blog pack started by Crazy Kinux, The newly instated Burn Jita by the loveable morons of Goonswarm, CCP Alliance tournament, Kirith Kodachi and his BMTHOKK Event! Fact is the player base pours in so much content there like a free expansion in themselves. There fantastic every single one of them and they do, despite their sometimes callous disposition really do make Eve a forever changing universe.

CCP I salute you. For making a game that not only provides endless hours of game play, for taking on the flood of players who wish to ram pitchforks into you and standing strong, for your constant commitment to your game, for giving a home to thousands of awesome individuals, for all the work your design team, your community team, your security team every single one of you deserve a medal a big fucking medal indeed!

When it comes to MMO you guys despite the slip ups inherent with trying to please everyone at once have created one of the most fantastic games I've ever had the pleasure of playing and will continue to play for years to come. Keep up the good work and never let the mob get ya down.

Randy o/

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