Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New blogger initiative.

I've come across a post recently calling for current bloggers to explain how and why they got into blogging and to encourage new bloggers to take the first stride into the blogosphere, This is a brilliant idea.

But I'm going to start with something I also read the other day. One blogger whose name I don't know due to using the iPhone to write this has written a blog trying to discourage people from starting a new blog. Wether this is a reverse psychology thing or wether he is being honest is unknown, I'm hoping it's the latter. But if he is being honest then quite frankly ignore him. He speaks about you being a terrible writer, about there being too many blogs ect ect. Who cares?

I have over 100 blogs on my watch list because I enjoy reading them, I'm not famous I don't strive to be and nor do I have the time to commit to the spotlight. But I always have time for someone's blog. It's been said that the blog pack is the best of the best I have the feed on my iPhone but some blogs I removed a long time ago because they just weren't my cup of tea. Even in the most prestigious group of bloggers in the Eve community some of the blogs are passed over by the likes of you and me for one simple reason, Personal preference. I find some writings lacking creativity, comedy or are just plain bland. But what I find bland someone else finds interesting. So don't be put off by silly things like that! People will read your stuff. I have my blog linked onto and that's it. I get a healthy flood of readers and I get occasional praise or comments ingame. I'm happy with that. Hell on the odd occasion I get a "love your blog" in local while roaming. Rarely though!

At the end of the day if you feel like documenting your escapades for all to see go for it! You couldn't ride a bike right off the bat you had to practise, carry on and improve. Same with a blog, keep at it take in any advice given to you most importantly enjoy it, do it for yourself. If you strive for comments and self recognition it'll become a grind.

You can never have too many blogs!

Wow that pretty much covers what I was going to say to encourage people to get into blogging anyway! I'll just do the bit about me and looks like I'm done lol.

Well Im Randunip, also known as Rand, Randy or Moron depends who you talk to. I fly with the ever loveable Brushie Brushie Brushie guys, whom are addicted to my British accent. And I am the author of Harsh Worlds and One of the main writers for Harsh Worlds fiction the second being Dusty Meg. I love blogging about Eve always have done I created this blog in 2009 to have somewhere I could put my creative thoughts and memory's of events that to me where significant or hilarious. My main inspiration came from Roc Wieler who showed me that no matter what with persistence you could achieve anything and to be the best you could be. See previous post "The Roc". His posts pushed me to start my own blog and to this day I'm still writing, I'm still doing my fiction posts and I'm still very much loving Eve Online. I'm not part of some elite pack, I'm just a guy like you who wants to put something back into a community that gave him so much. I write for my own enjoyment an hopefully other people along the way. I took a long AFK a little while back due to burn out from real life leaving me little time and energy to do anything in game. But I'm still here, I'm still going, My grammar is still terrible, but it's improving. So to all you people contemplating making a blog drop me a evemail ingame on Randunip. I'll help where I can. I'll read your post give you feedback or praise or both! And maybe a cookie. But like I said I always have time for blogs new or old so get those links over here!!!!

P.s I use blogger on the iPhone. The apps awesome! Plus it's nice an tidy and easy to use.

Randy o/


  1. I was being totally sarcastic when I wrote that post. My history has been full of helping my fellow eve bloggers, I've created hundreds of blog banners, and events to encourage them, I even ran the Eve Blog Pack for a year, etc. I had just finished reading a bunch of posts like yours and decided that someone should take the opposite tact. It was meant to be humorous and obviously negative.

    And it was also intended to spark more conversation, which it has achieved. I'm going to add your blog to my blogroll and my reading list.

  2. Hey Rixx! Yea I know about all the good stuff ya do! Didn't realise it was your post. But thanks it gave me a board to bounce off. Appreciate it one more reader is always a good thing! I think we should do a new blogger competition. A prize for the best new blog as part of the initiative? What do you think?