Thursday, 3 May 2012

Accomplishments in Eve

I've been thinking for awhile why do accomplishments in eve hold so much weight to them?

Other MMO present us with challenges such as WOW whose raid bosses are tuned to require teamwork and lots of high end gear the satisfaction doesn't last though you get it down to a fine art and it becomes a grind.

But in Eve we have the bear. The variable that crops up in every scenario we can think of, from mining to pvp. In Eve accomplishments last forever in our minds, story's spread like wildfire through the galactic undergrowth of malcontents and miners. Because If you beat the bear it feels great but it's never the same the second time round the next time that massive gate camp full of sabres will catch you or you won't tank the DPS of that 10/10 because you'll yet dc'ed or yes PL will bring supers this time. Add in the fact our assets, everything we own has value the same as our stuff in RL. We worked hard to get it. You don't get nice hand outs in Eve you have to work for your shit. I remember when I played wow ( yes it happened ) I got my character to level 80 fully tricked out and then I quit. Why? Well because it was the same day in day out. No risk no attatchment no fun. In Eve I mined and I ratted and I trained ( oh god the training ) for my carrier and when I got that carrier I felt like I'd achieved something worthwhile I had a capital ship! Ok maybe it's not a super but all the same it was a hurdle it's been over a year and I still have the same carrier.

Achievements stay with you in Eve because of the value you put into your stuff and because of the trials you have to go through to get it. Eve isn't easy and it shouldn't be.

Conclusion: For me playing Eve has a sense of accomplishment far beyond that of any other MMO. Wether it be the construction of a capital, CEO of a successful corporation or a massive corporation theft. I like dancing with the bear, sometimes the bear gets me. But when I get that little bastard it's the best feeling in the world. Eve is challenging, harsh and real. You lose stuff you have Invested in it sucks but when you get the one up and win no other MMO comes even close to how Eve makes you feel.

I love Eve and I'll be continuing to increase my blogging efforts to cover more topics kind of like this one. I have to work on my structuring and such but it's a learning curve and a hard one... The bears waiting round the corner for me... But I have a shotgun.

Rand o/

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