Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Harsh Worlds - The Favour ( Dustys Point of View )

The hulk nosed out the docking shields of the amarrian style station with the bright yellow glow of the amarrian systems lighting the gloomy bridge.

I was still reeling from the message from Rand we haven't spoken in years and suddenly he wants a meeting, something serious was up. I plotted in the route to the station Rand wanted the meeting.

“Hmm, 20 jumps. That's going to take a lifetime in this thing.” I mumbled to myself

I plotted a course to a nearby system where I had a Arazu class force recon ship stashed. Which would make the trip much quicker.

As I climbed into the Arazu, the memories started returning. The last time I had done a trip here I had just ejected from the Erebus and didn't even know if my friends were even alive.

The trip had been a boring one with a few other ships seen along the way, well that was until the jump before the system I was meeting Rand. On the gate there seemed to be a large amount of Concord. It seemed that there had been a freighter killed while trying to navigate through the gate, and Concord was protecting the gate to make sure it didn't happen again.

The docking went without incident which was a amazement. These stations docking computers always seem to play up and bump your ship against the next guys ship.
I was just walking down the hallway towards the bar when I noticed someone who looked really familiar.
“COUNTER” I called down the corridor
The man swivelled on his heels, already poised to throw a punch. He relaxed when he saw it was me.
“Man, Rand drag you into this aswell then?” He asked
“Yer, you have any idea what it is were being dragged into yet?” I asked while starting to continue to walk down the hallway
“No idea, but last time the three of us met in a out of the way station like this, we each came out with a dreadnought and a freighter full of loot each”
“Haha, that was a good trip” I replied as we reached the door. “Lets find out then”

The room was a stinking mess especially for a Brutor one.
I noticed Rand in a dark corner and strolled over, sitting down at the table with Rand and started to chat, Rands voice trailed off when we both noticed Counter walk to a guy sat at the bar and punch him squarely in the face knocking him out in one blow.

Rand had asked us for a fleet and while Counter was finding his fleet in this stinking mess of a bar. I decided to get my own.
I reached into my pocket and retrieved my personal communicator. Accessing the secret partition of the contacts list held within, scrolling through the listings I found the entry I was looking for. Artern of Alsaki Corporation, my old employer from back in the days before I even met Rand.

“Dusty is that really you?” came the response from my chat request.
“Yep its me, I need your help and I’m going to need the fleet.”
“Dusty, we've not spoken in years, you just seemed to drop off the radar completely even for my contacts. And now you want the fleet? This must be big.” Came the response.
“Yer I’m sorry about that I had my reasons.”
“Well ok, you know where still here for you, you did enough for the corp back then. Just one thing what have you been doing last thing I heard you were doing a job with that friend of yours. Ray, Riley. What was it.” Artern typed back down the communicator.
“Rand, and yer I had to get out, I just followed my dreams for a bit till the life caught up again.”
“Wait you did it didn't you, you bought a bloody hulk, you bloody carebear”
I could just imagine Artern laughing while typing that last response.
“Yerrrr, I did. I’ll tell you about it at some point. But what about the fleet?”
“Give me a cyno and you'll have the fleet.”
“Thanks Artern, I knew I could rely on you and the corp” I typed as the connection closed.

Counter had just stepped down from a table and the bar seemed to have disappeared.
“I've messaged my employer”

“And what's the reply?” Rand asked

“Light me a cyno and you've got my fleet.

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