Friday, 25 May 2012

Inferno - My views

Ok, So between suntanning myself the last few days I have dropped by Eve Online to soak up the new changes and quite frankly Im loving them!

Now from what I hear there's alot of people whining about the new UI and various other things. I have one thing to say! HTFU! The new UI is amazing, Just because your too mentally challenged to re-learn how to use it doesn't mean it's bad... Just means your stupid. I love you guy's but seriously... It's not rocket science. For me the UI is more fluid, more manageble and just more.. up to date! when Im at my POS I have EVERYTHING open already.. I can drag and drop to tabs. I can open multiple windows if needs be! It's so fucking tidy I could hump CCP like a rampant poodle. My one and only gripe is they could have updated the ship pictures alittle as the background make's it look a tad meh, if they did what they did with the modules I'd be more then pleased! Even a back shadow would be nice! *hint*

I have yet to do much of anything with faction warfare so I cant really comment on them. However I see the "free isk" from pvp being alittle OP at first depends how it balances out. I guess it'll just mean that navy ships will become considerably cheaper :D

Also it seems while they have moved datacore's primarily to FW, Agents still give them just at a reduced rate. So not so bad I guess. I have 20k RP somewhere I should fetch but cba yet lol

Anyway I'll do a follow up once Ive had some more playtime! For now im enjoying the sun <3

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