Monday, 7 May 2012

Myrmidon's first blood

Last night I was chilling in station drinking me some tea when our almighty overlord Polly reported that he had found 3 CVA guys in assault frigate's in U-Q so I grabbed my triple rep Myrmidon and had his alt scout me down, a couple gangs flitted about in U-Q so I stayed safe rather then get blobbed the CVA guys weren't on gate when I finally arrived so I sat chilling on U-Q gate they had one guy on gate with me and two on the other side. Game on! Jumping in I pulsed the MWD back to gate, They yellow boxes me but didn't engage so I jumped out and aligned D87 and just as expected they followed and got tackle.

They were about 4km off me so I landed scram and web on the first retribution and called in Polly in his hurricane, the first one melted pretty quickly and then the vengeance died to our fire power the other retribution tried de-aggressing and going for the gate so we burnt him down too along with one of there pods. Was a fun little fight and the triple rep myrm is a beast. There fits where quite ingenious so props to them for trying something new!

I'll link the killmails when in home.

Randy o/

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