Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fiction - Onwards

It had been a couple days since I'd been in contact with Dusty and Counter I'd told them to prepare while I got some rest, I'd been feeling like I had a Brutor warrior sat on my chest the last couple of days, mainly due to exhaustion and probably alcohol.

I let my eyes work themselves open not wanting to speed up my waking up, I had taken to sleeping in Serenity this ship had protected me many a time and I felt safer and more confident when I was on board her.

It's funny that I consider my ships to be somewhat sentient beings when they are most certainly not. However I always got the feeling in some way she was watching over me, we had looked after each other for several years, I opened my eyes and glanced at the sleek green metal that was the ceiling and slowly slid out of my make shift bed. Strolling to the PDA on my desk I sent a mail to Dusty and Counter telling to prep and pass the word along. Then poured myself a drink, and walked to the Pod bay I knocked back the drink and slid in once again feeling the mechanical tendrils grasping at my neurones until screen after screen filled my vision.

I focused and like a flash from a camera I had every feed from the ships drones relayed to me, I let my mind work it's way to the warp coils and felt then warming up along with weapons, I stretched my fingers mentally and felt her jerk within the docking clamps, firing up the hardeners saw her tanking ability soar through the roof the new membranes also doing there job. I felt my mind swirling like it was all over the ship in every console and every drone it was a Weird yet amazing feeling being able to stretch your mind further than your arms can reach, with each pulse of the hardener I felt each harmonic wave crash over the ship like it was a ocean wave, I buzzed scotty to say good bye and released the clamps I swung the ship around and threw it out Of the dock anyone watching would think I was running from something, but in fact I was on a chase.

The hunter has just become the hunted.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

ATX - The Aftermath

It's the morning after the final, heads are aching from alcohol induced success, the crisp burnt smell of thousands of fried crewmen lingers in the depths of space in the AT staging system and egos are verily deflated such is the side effects of playing in the alliance tournament!

This year has been an epic battle to win the coveted spot as champions of Eve, Defenders of the righteous! Ok I'm talking bullshit, these skilled blood thirsty players have given it their all the last couple of weeks and I have got to say since watching from AT6 this one has had me on the edge of my seat, HUNs ballsy and utterly awesome Vargur setup proving to be a absolute top dog against Pl's Torp Widow setup and new players from Verge of Collapse taking everyone by storm! Including HUN in the final fielding a Minnie rush team that obliterated HUns Triple Vargur setup! At that point I literally fell off my chair.

The highlight for me yesterday though was Michael Bolton's visibly annoyed look everytime the camera zoomed in on his removed moustache! Could have been bad timing but he didn't look to happy, although props to him for putting his tash on the table and holding up his bet like a man! Now if only we could convince Mittens to make a equally bad bet... Maybe we'd be rid of that chin pussy ;)

So things to look forward too! 10th Anniversary should be sweet! Bountys are being redone. Iteration on PoS! Yay! Fanfest next year, winter expansion if there is one, further look at player introduction into Eve! It's shaping up to be a fantastic year!

Big big big thanks should go to all the teams this year and also to own3d for streaming the matches like a boss!

And CCP if I could shake your hand I'd congratulate you on a fantastic year so far and many thanks for all the efforts to everyone from your team for putting together such an amazing tournament your work visible or not does not go unnoticed!

Much love!

Randy o/

Toying with the market gods

Lately I've been making small investments into market orders to sell in curse and so far things are going well with a total profit of 400m ISK from a 1.5billion isk investment and I still have a couple hundred mill to sell yet! It's working out at about 37% profit which Is good! I generally don't touch anything that has less then a 10% return. Although I have noticed a few anomalys in sell orders such as 120 gyros selling curse for 150,000 isk cheaper then Jita buy orders so I bought them all and resold them fairly quickly. The market doesn't move quite as fast as I would like it too and I did have to take a loss on a few items although they were primary buys which lead to the purchase of my other bits which made up for it! It worked kind of like a normal shop would they don't make much if any profit off the big stuff the money's in all the extras and that's the same principle I used on this.

A prime example would be the Hurricane which I snagged for 47m at the time and there were a few orders selling around 44m-47m however there were no mods to fit said hurricanes so while I lost in the end 1m isk per unit as the lower priced ones where a couple jumps away I made up for that gap with the prices of the guns and various fittings for them it occurred to me that once the fittings were avail me they sold a lot faster then previous orders with mine clearing in just under. Week along with all the modules while the other hurricane orders stayed the same over a three week period I had been watching them. If this trend continues I may look into alternative setups and invest alittle more once this current run has completed.

Fiction post should be due out tonight along with a quick update on how awesome EVE is at the moment! Also I'll be trying to record another Randa Eve info for noobs videos tonight! Stay tuned

Randy 0/

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Solo Kill? RAWR

So about half a hour ago I was waiting for a gang to pass through D87E-A a system in the curse region. Curse is so pretty sometimes

I got wind of a Hurricane chilling next door in OSHT so I warped my trusty dual web ham drake over to a bounce spot and waited as I jumped in my covert hauler, I was about to drop cloak when a fly catcher lands on gate or rather decloaks and bubbles me.. I hit the MWD and cloak up but get decloaked and tackled. I jump the drake in and land luckily 11km from the flycatcher I pulse the MWD and get point and dual webs on him and tear him to shreds as I catch a 12 man fleet hitting the bubble 50km off me.

I overheat the MWD and burn towards a planet the hurricane is in my path but thinking im chasing him.. He overheats and burns away... seriously?

With his gang on grid, there bubble ship dead and the hurricane running like a wuss I warp off my hauler and my drake safe and sound with a Flycatcher kill under my belt too.

Who said solo pvp was dead?

On another note I was checking out some rumors on SiSi ( Test server ) today and noticed these cool little tool tips. Nice huh?

Monday, 9 July 2012


Yes I have been consumed by madness lately! Jump freighter madness!! Since being able to pilot it reasonably well fuel wise I've made a couple trips and everytime I've forgotten my skill books! FML! Covers that fairly adequately!

Anyway that didn't stop me getting in some minor pew pew after work or messing around with some fits and such!

One fight I enjoyed and it really showed the awesomeness that is the triple rep Myrm, was a fight against 5/6 assault frigates two of which died we lost a hurricane to them but that was before the actual fight! The muppet still had a drone out doing damage and he could de aggro once here fleet jumped in lol. Anyway I was like perfect opportunity for pew!? Undocked in Salvation my loveable triple rep Myrm!

Being frigates they came in close which is perfect as the web and scram latched on to there hulls I started melting the wolf when all of a sudden falcon! -sigh- seems most people can't pvp without them.

Anyway I was like hey guys we have pew on station. Frigates! And about a minute later people started swarming in stopping what ever they were doing to come and whore. The falcon kept the initial jams up but my drones forced it off field. I switched back to the AFs for a minute or two keeping them on me with bait tanking, I'm guessing the overloaded guns as my armor started getting chewed away abit more so I dropped a pill and as I the golden syrup like liquid of the Exile Booster courses through my body I hot overheat and two cycles later I'm sitting pretty.. Realising there going against a triple rep Myrm they de areas as there second buddy is about to go down. I go for the falcon but he is forced off by our ECCM hurricane who has got too close for his liking. With that they all run away. Good fights are had and they complain about 3 BC v 6 Af and a falcon... Really? You had a falcon so stfu!

Funny thing was after that I camped one of them in station for a few hours then the next day they rolled through again. I told him I'd kill him again, and I did with my sabre bubbling his ass and our little gang blowing him up.

They were not impressed.

After that we spent the evening mocking Scottey, all in all a epic day :) and a nice break from eye bleeding, boring, I'd rather shave my nuts with a cactus hauling.

Randy o/

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Being lazy!

Ok so few posts been written up there half finished so will be done soon! Mostly roam reports, mini fights and some care bear crap!


Randy o/

Monday, 2 July 2012

A nice surprise

Logging onto my email yesterday I noticed one from CCP, the basics of the mail were this.

Due to being a blogger CCP are renewing my media account!

Over a year ago I heard that CCP would sub your account for a year if you produced media in the form of. Blogging, websites and third party tools ect. I had already been blogging for about six months at that point so I sent a mail there way and within about 2 days I was basking in the free subscription club lounge sipping cocktails and writing posts, but alas about half way through despite having a paid sub real life reared it's ugly head and I had to leave eve behind and the blog even more so as my time in game was spent changing skills and logging off. I came back during the end of the media subscription and reverted back to placing my account. I had considered asking CCP if there was the option to be reconsidered for the media account but never did so as I always felt a tinge of guilt and felt greedy, however after receiving that email I was very ecstatic! And further more provided you pass each 3 month review it seems the subscription automatically renews every 12 months!

They overhauled the system apparently and this will mean less stress for our lovely community team! And more pew/build/blog time for players. Props to you CCP and thank you for that lovely gift!

On another note while your overhauling maybe adjust the fan site listing and have Blogs - Third Party Tools - Guides or something as a sub header so we can just click on "Blogs" and have it only list blogs. That'd be a lot nicer to look at then the current jumble ;)

Randy o/