Sunday, 22 July 2012

Toying with the market gods

Lately I've been making small investments into market orders to sell in curse and so far things are going well with a total profit of 400m ISK from a 1.5billion isk investment and I still have a couple hundred mill to sell yet! It's working out at about 37% profit which Is good! I generally don't touch anything that has less then a 10% return. Although I have noticed a few anomalys in sell orders such as 120 gyros selling curse for 150,000 isk cheaper then Jita buy orders so I bought them all and resold them fairly quickly. The market doesn't move quite as fast as I would like it too and I did have to take a loss on a few items although they were primary buys which lead to the purchase of my other bits which made up for it! It worked kind of like a normal shop would they don't make much if any profit off the big stuff the money's in all the extras and that's the same principle I used on this.

A prime example would be the Hurricane which I snagged for 47m at the time and there were a few orders selling around 44m-47m however there were no mods to fit said hurricanes so while I lost in the end 1m isk per unit as the lower priced ones where a couple jumps away I made up for that gap with the prices of the guns and various fittings for them it occurred to me that once the fittings were avail me they sold a lot faster then previous orders with mine clearing in just under. Week along with all the modules while the other hurricane orders stayed the same over a three week period I had been watching them. If this trend continues I may look into alternative setups and invest alittle more once this current run has completed.

Fiction post should be due out tonight along with a quick update on how awesome EVE is at the moment! Also I'll be trying to record another Randa Eve info for noobs videos tonight! Stay tuned

Randy 0/

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