Sunday, 22 July 2012

ATX - The Aftermath

It's the morning after the final, heads are aching from alcohol induced success, the crisp burnt smell of thousands of fried crewmen lingers in the depths of space in the AT staging system and egos are verily deflated such is the side effects of playing in the alliance tournament!

This year has been an epic battle to win the coveted spot as champions of Eve, Defenders of the righteous! Ok I'm talking bullshit, these skilled blood thirsty players have given it their all the last couple of weeks and I have got to say since watching from AT6 this one has had me on the edge of my seat, HUNs ballsy and utterly awesome Vargur setup proving to be a absolute top dog against Pl's Torp Widow setup and new players from Verge of Collapse taking everyone by storm! Including HUN in the final fielding a Minnie rush team that obliterated HUns Triple Vargur setup! At that point I literally fell off my chair.

The highlight for me yesterday though was Michael Bolton's visibly annoyed look everytime the camera zoomed in on his removed moustache! Could have been bad timing but he didn't look to happy, although props to him for putting his tash on the table and holding up his bet like a man! Now if only we could convince Mittens to make a equally bad bet... Maybe we'd be rid of that chin pussy ;)

So things to look forward too! 10th Anniversary should be sweet! Bountys are being redone. Iteration on PoS! Yay! Fanfest next year, winter expansion if there is one, further look at player introduction into Eve! It's shaping up to be a fantastic year!

Big big big thanks should go to all the teams this year and also to own3d for streaming the matches like a boss!

And CCP if I could shake your hand I'd congratulate you on a fantastic year so far and many thanks for all the efforts to everyone from your team for putting together such an amazing tournament your work visible or not does not go unnoticed!

Much love!

Randy o/

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