Monday, 9 July 2012


Yes I have been consumed by madness lately! Jump freighter madness!! Since being able to pilot it reasonably well fuel wise I've made a couple trips and everytime I've forgotten my skill books! FML! Covers that fairly adequately!

Anyway that didn't stop me getting in some minor pew pew after work or messing around with some fits and such!

One fight I enjoyed and it really showed the awesomeness that is the triple rep Myrm, was a fight against 5/6 assault frigates two of which died we lost a hurricane to them but that was before the actual fight! The muppet still had a drone out doing damage and he could de aggro once here fleet jumped in lol. Anyway I was like perfect opportunity for pew!? Undocked in Salvation my loveable triple rep Myrm!

Being frigates they came in close which is perfect as the web and scram latched on to there hulls I started melting the wolf when all of a sudden falcon! -sigh- seems most people can't pvp without them.

Anyway I was like hey guys we have pew on station. Frigates! And about a minute later people started swarming in stopping what ever they were doing to come and whore. The falcon kept the initial jams up but my drones forced it off field. I switched back to the AFs for a minute or two keeping them on me with bait tanking, I'm guessing the overloaded guns as my armor started getting chewed away abit more so I dropped a pill and as I the golden syrup like liquid of the Exile Booster courses through my body I hot overheat and two cycles later I'm sitting pretty.. Realising there going against a triple rep Myrm they de areas as there second buddy is about to go down. I go for the falcon but he is forced off by our ECCM hurricane who has got too close for his liking. With that they all run away. Good fights are had and they complain about 3 BC v 6 Af and a falcon... Really? You had a falcon so stfu!

Funny thing was after that I camped one of them in station for a few hours then the next day they rolled through again. I told him I'd kill him again, and I did with my sabre bubbling his ass and our little gang blowing him up.

They were not impressed.

After that we spent the evening mocking Scottey, all in all a epic day :) and a nice break from eye bleeding, boring, I'd rather shave my nuts with a cactus hauling.

Randy o/

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  1. Errr, we spent half the evening abusing Scottey, then it turned into Rand abuse, then onto drunken Grim abuse .... then you logged off like a pansy :P