Monday, 2 July 2012

A nice surprise

Logging onto my email yesterday I noticed one from CCP, the basics of the mail were this.

Due to being a blogger CCP are renewing my media account!

Over a year ago I heard that CCP would sub your account for a year if you produced media in the form of. Blogging, websites and third party tools ect. I had already been blogging for about six months at that point so I sent a mail there way and within about 2 days I was basking in the free subscription club lounge sipping cocktails and writing posts, but alas about half way through despite having a paid sub real life reared it's ugly head and I had to leave eve behind and the blog even more so as my time in game was spent changing skills and logging off. I came back during the end of the media subscription and reverted back to placing my account. I had considered asking CCP if there was the option to be reconsidered for the media account but never did so as I always felt a tinge of guilt and felt greedy, however after receiving that email I was very ecstatic! And further more provided you pass each 3 month review it seems the subscription automatically renews every 12 months!

They overhauled the system apparently and this will mean less stress for our lovely community team! And more pew/build/blog time for players. Props to you CCP and thank you for that lovely gift!

On another note while your overhauling maybe adjust the fan site listing and have Blogs - Third Party Tools - Guides or something as a sub header so we can just click on "Blogs" and have it only list blogs. That'd be a lot nicer to look at then the current jumble ;)

Randy o/

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