Friday, 29 June 2012

Lack of sleep brings out the derp

Lack of sleep really brings out the derp in people last night saw me make multiple derp's because I was too tired to realise how retarded I was being!

I spent the day chilling out ran a plex nothing sexy dropped apart from a 100mn After burner which I'll use for my Tengu later on down the line! There were lots of people on which made a nice change I had someone call eyes on a small gang in D87 consisting of a Hurricane, Vexor, Raptor, Myrmidon. I decided I'd engage in my dual web ham drake, I undocked in "Cuban Missile Crisis" and poked Intel to let people know what was about to go down and back up would be really nice. Having experienced before trying to set up a fleet and give a plan was time consuming so I warped in on the assumption someone would arrive. I landed at 0m and only the Vexor and Hurricane were on gate so I lit up the Hurricane and he jumped out which confused me considering what happened next. The Vexor went red so I poured my missiles into his hull until the Hurricane and Myrm jumped in. The Raptor came at 0m so I webbed him down and started beating on him till he ran away, switching back to the Hurricane I had Intel lighting up asking for Intel on the brawl so I just called for DPS Ships to warp to 0 on the OSHT gate and I'd call primary's at this point the hurricane was in half armor and I was in about a quarter shields they had switched their guns to Operi wolf which didn't make sense as he was no direct threat to them, however it left me valuable time to pile on the DPS leaving me to eliminate the hurricane with the help of Anderon who had blindly followed my lead an came to my aid shortly after the Hurricane died more friends landed on field the Vexor went down next to eliminate a good 490DPS from the field as I was now in armour as luck would have it the Myrm switched scram to our second drake allowing me to overheat my midslots while keeping the Myrm double webbed and burn away as I was entering structure the Myrmidon's Gallant drones were to slow to keep up so the damage stopped and the Myrm popped with y drake breezing by in 89% structure! It was a close fight for me but I had many friends arrive practically an entire fleet turned up to whore away on the free kill mails I had provided. That fight was when I was awake and was just to put in perspective how I play when not being a retard I generally don't get people killed apart from Operi who had coasted to close and got scrammed. Later on we chased a Local Down gang nothing big 4 players one in a Jaguar two Talos and a Huggin a gang that had some range control and good DPS at the time I was flying my Cynabal and we had a BC heavy fleet with some fast tackle. We chased them around a little until I finally got eyes on where they were going Anderon landed on gate at 0m with them and they jumped thinking my gang was still in system I called for everyone to warp to the 5E gate and Anderon to get tackle on something. Mistake number one. What I hadn't realised was that we had a slow gang in comparison to there's and that our gang was actually in PO4 so all we had to bear was a Drake, Hurricane and Cynabal I jumped in and burned for the Huggin taking a lot of Damage in the process as our gang jumped in I hadn’t realised our Hurricane had died and I had burnt about 70km from hate In the end my brain fired up and I pulled range surviving just barely under the reps of our Scimmy pilot. Sad face.

Derp number two was me chasing after a Taranis that had reproached gate so I jumped after him and pointed him in my Dramiel now instead of keeping my range I ended up at 0m on him that's really really bad. Our guys jumped in I overheated guns and died just as he popped. Stupid Rand! Get some sleep! What I should have done once the Rapier had tackle was overheated my afterburner and pulled out to about 10km instead I sat there like a moron and died I was so tired I didn't even realise till too late!

But alas in the grand scheme of things I had fun and that's all that matters, I learnt to accept my losses long ago so the occasional derp keeps me on my toes and stops me being complacent in my ability to lead gangs and such. I have had sleep now, and am ready to tackle EVE again, like I said in my previous post long ago. Sometimes you get the bear... But sometimes the bear gets you. This time he got me. GF

Randy o/

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