Monday, 25 June 2012

ROL raiding and Bubble Sniping

So home from work Sunday afternoon I jump onto Eve, it's about 3.30pm and locals buzzing with my Eve buddy's from NI4NI. I decide to go out scanning first, not finding much of interest apart from a class three wormhole in D87 I decide to go run some sites as it’s inevitably dull and the wormholes void of life with three dead towers scattering round the system. Me and Izi ship up to Drakes and my alt in a Scimitar and we proceed to run sites being interrupted by probes we decide it's best we leave so we finish up the second site and bugger off. Scooping about 70m iskies so not a total loss to be honest and it defiantly beat the monotony of ratting belts. Shortly after arriving home the guys decide a sniping gate camp would be a laugh so we hop into our snipers and bubble up a couple gates. Some Raiden guys seem to be trying to get somewhere with three Helios a Manticore, Rapier and Hurricane all entering KB within about 20 minutes we kill one Helios ( my decloak skills ) the Rapier burns for gate and so does the Manticore pilot.

Said Raiden Manticore pilot proceeds to shout to every new local in KB that we have a camp set up now I realise why Raiden failed so hard people like him. A new target not of Raiden faggotry appears! An Omen Navy Issue is making its way to us when to no surprise the Raiden guy once again solidifies his place among the fail pilots of eve and starts shouting in local again, the wise Omen pilot heads his warning and reroutes. However our eyes are everywhere! We move gates as the Omen has appeared in 5E after a few minutes he lands on gate being pushed through by one of our hurricanes as he sheds his cloak my web and scram reach there long fingers out slowing him to a dead stop teamed with our Rapier this pilot is going nowhere.

The fleet proceeds to melt him down to scrap in a few moments, a bubble is deployed and his Pod snatched victory is ours! Meanwhile back in the dark depths of wormhole space Mika has been scanning finding a null sec wormhole to ROL space and an entrance to a C5 while exploring the C5 a Domi ninja closes the entrance and poor old Mika is stuck! But do not fret because our brave adventurer scans his way out and makes it back to us in D87! We get a few more people in fleet and decide that fucking with ROL would be fun! So we head into the wormhole only to be greeted by a Loki decloaking from the ROL infidels! We move quickly jumping into their system and leaving via our exit gate, landing on the second gate has a Noctis land with us, he jumps and we jump and then he goes boom! Along with his pod. Expensive Noctis! Over 300m including his pod. We move on hearing that five Drakes and a Heretic are chasing us! Two more jumps and realising that we could kill them we stop and re approach gate. The drakes slowly trickle in and the brawl begins, Losing two of our Talos (how? ) we kill all five of their Drakes and the Heretic we linger too long afterwards relishing the success when another Drake jumps in we aggress and then an entire fleet arrives... Whoops! Everyone Deaggress's with several of us making it out but losing our Eos and Daredevil and Scimitar! And some other stuff but I forgot what! Either way with our kills and losses we came out on top considering all the pods where implanted and one of our late to the party guys popped a cloaky and a hurricane 1 jump out from us. It was a Epically fun fight for all apart from Counter the ROL Fc who was sad he couldn't whore my kill mail <3 With my pod safely docked back up in D87 after running the gauntlet back to the wormhole I logged off for the night. With nearly 100 kills under my belt for this month it's turning out to be a good June after all!

I should really care bear some more tomorrow and get some isk! Till then have fun and fly reckless!

Randy o/

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