Thursday, 7 June 2012

Oops we accidentally your Fleet! Twice!

Logging into Eve yesterday saw Kai begging for PvP and not being one disappoint I shipped up into my Cynabal and we went and camped a gate in D87 then moved on to V7D and 5E looking for some kills when bluespy joined us after about half a hour of not a lot of stuff to destroy the gods of EVE heard our plea and sent forth a bounty of pilots with whom we would meet head on in the field of battle!

My scout reported a small 5 man gang coming from KB- of 3 drakes and. Harbinger with only myself, Kai, blue Spy and ICUwarrior we contemplated our options! With Kai being in a stealth bomber and ICU in a flycatcher along with Spy's drake I decided to test out my abaddon! I put on insurance as I was going in balls to the wall and expected to die! The gang jumped in and warped to OSHT- our flycatcher jumped through and grabbed them as my Abaddon lumbered out of warp jumping found them just popping the flycatcher but they had burnt to gate to get him for some reason landing me 5km from them I tackled the first drake I could and they all aggressed I called primary's and we burned down the first drake then another drake by this point I'm in low armor and happy with the upcoming third kill I overheat everything and melt him to scrap the harbinger pops easily into a pool of metal chunks! The forth drake try's to run away but ICU in all his glory hero tackles it with his scouts Helios! And we kill the last drake as a Manticore drops a bomb on me trying to finish me off! Last drake pops and I warp to my bounce spot as the guys start looting the field. I am now in 35% structure! By the time the forth drake pops were in hysterics on comms mainly because we just whelped there fleet and because my Abaddon survived! I make it back to
D87 and dock up switching to the vagabond to go and pick up loot as I'm scooping a Gypsy Band gang come through so I hit my pounce as they pass by leaving the wrecks ladened with loot untouched I finish scooping everything and head home! Was one of the most fun fights I've had in a long time although I will never understand why the fit there ships the way they did! I have a feeling they were going to do a escalation but who knows. They returned later on in slightly better ships... So we chased them and camped them into OSHT- few minutes later another one of them in a lone drake jumped into my Cynabal and Titans Maelstrom and died.. Really fast! And then I hero tackled a drake in my Cynabal as the rest of there fleet ran away! The drake died pretty quick and again it was terribly fit albeit a little better then the last one! I made the mistake of not carrying any scorch or conflagration otherwise the fight would have been a lot quicker! All in all it was pretty epic. We continued to camp D87 and ran around chasing Local Down who ran away, and took a small break, coming back found an initiative gang of a couple drakes and Lachesis we decided to engage with what we had as people warped off field to ship up to BC our guys left on gate tackled and aggroed I returned in a hurricane as our sabre died after keeping point on the Lachesis! We burned there entire fleet to the ground losing only a sabre and hurricane! Small gang PvP is where it's at totally fun and no blobs! We only had a couple more then the opposing fleets and in the first instance we were out gunned and the second we were a good match up but with our hurricanes we had a lot more DPS fielded! They did have a Hugginn on field but it ran away when we started welping them!

Battle report for the first fight is here! Eve kill counted both engagements which sucks but check the killmails to confirm what was there! And the second is here!


And if you wanna join eHarm for some Lols were taking on dedicated and self sufficient Eu and USTZ players so drop myself or Pollycrhest a line ingame!

Fly reckless! ( In Abaddon's )

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