Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wardec changes again?!

I've seen a few posts now about the star fraction vs goon "forever war" I won't go in to any details as people already know it all. I have only one thought on this subject and that is why is CCP changing how things are now? The idea that you could bring in as many friends as you could was a great thing for the war system it more accurately depicted how real life wars went. We used to bat phone anyone and everyone when a war started just as star fraction effectively did. The only reason I can see this being changed is because CCP is pandering to the goons or some hidden reason they have yet to disclose. So once again the war system is broken with small corps not being able to defend themselves with friends and making the whole ally system pointless. Why CCP did you change it so that massive alliances can once again continue with impunity while at war with smaller entity's? I think it has a lot to do with the 10,000 or so accounts active in GSF alone that could go dormant. That's nearly 150,000 euros a month a considerable amount if they paid cash for them it's only a thought but if by chance that threat was made then I could understand CCP stance... I guess. This is all just speculation unless anyone has any other ideas? I'd really welcome a chat with one of the involved Devs to get a better more rounded view! So if your reading this CCP I'd love to hear from ya!

Love Rand

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