Thursday, 7 June 2012

Celebrating 100 post's - Competition Time!

 Ok guy's to celebrate my 100th post! <3 I will be doing a small competition! Send me in the most hilarious engagement you have over the next 7 days and the winner will receive a Cynabal and runner up a Dramiel!

 What am I looking for?

Well let's say you get into a hilarious engagement win or lose and you end up in tears over it laughing drunken roams, kitchen sink fleets that kind of thing! All you have to do is write up an after action report being as accurate as possible include links the kills in the report kind of like mine! I will only accept verified Eve kill links in the reports! And Eve mail them to me! It's that simple you'll have 7 days so plenty of time to find that perfect fight! The one that cracks me up the best wins it's that simple! Including a fraps of the fight wins you bonus points and if you did include fraps I'll even fit the ship for you! If you manage to get your comm's recording on as well then even better! Hell get me the enemy’s comms recording and if that gives me the giggles I may even drop a couple faction mods on too! Your entry will also be posted on the blog along with any fraps and/or copies of tears from local!

I look forward to seeing what you guys have! And good luck!

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