Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The long road to the jump freighter

The jump freighter arguably the third most expensive ship hull in the game clocking in at around 7.2 billion isk! Half of what a Nyx or Wyvern would set you back. I've been wanting one for awhile as moving 500,000m3 of stuff with a carrier is a pain in the ass it took me 6 hours last time. Considering the amount of stuff I have floating in the depths of space station hangars I figured getting one would be beneficial to me it's Also a ship that holds its value.

The Jump freighter can hold around 350,000m3 it can also make use of the capital ships Jump drive allowing it to traverse great distances without the need for gates. The good thing about this is that I'm able to launch from my highsec drop point and move it down to my base of ops! Two trips and I'd be done, where as at the moment I'm reduced to hauling stuff to the lowsec where my carrier is, which is tedious and time consuming. I'm currently at about 4 billion isk so only another 3.2billion to go or there about's but as per normal I have to dip into the fund to buy the plexs! Luckily I have more cynabals to see! My alt character is training up jump freighters as we speak and it's going to be at least 24 days before I can use one efficiently so I have 24 days to make nearly 4b in isk! So lets see if i can make it! Any donations would be welcome ;)

Love y'all
Randunip out! O/

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