Monday, 4 June 2012

Harsh Worlds Fiction - Serenity

I unplugged from the curse, letting the pod's fluid drain down I opened the hatch and stepped out onto the bridge. Ye crew had already disembarked from the ship leaving it deserted apart from the low hum of the ships main computing systems keeping her afloat and life support running while we were docked. I dried myself off and threw on my captains uniform, it was nothing special a close fitted jump suit with a few commendation badges attached to it and the captains insignia on it along with my corporations logo and motto embroidered onto the arm reading "Fly Reckless, Die Drunk!" I had yet to embrace the second part of this odd motto. I took the grav lift to the disembarkation area and left the ship to go and see Scotty the docking manager.

Scotty poured me a coffee as we went over the release forms for Serenity. "Trouble brewing Randy?" he asked while Typing into the computer system.
"Aye you could say that, Make sure you put all of my acquisitions on her... Im going to need as much tank and fire power as she can bring to bear" I glanced at the screen the drone cameras showed hundreds of crew ferrying parts onto my beloved Serenity. I'd never taken her out in her warfare fitting before most of her current fit was stripped while larger armour plates were fused on along with some of the officer modules I had acquired through the destruction of high ranking pirate ships. Serenity was aptly named because the ship always instilled a sense of Serenity in me the way she glided through the cosmos like a angel, granted an angel of death but still she was elegant and powerful but with this fit she would be unstoppable. I smiled as I watched the crew finish fitting out the membranes.

I stopped off at my quarters and opened up a small box inside was 6 little implants. They were named Slaves, for what reason I have no idea but they have a special purpose while plugged into my neural network they sent signal pulses to any ship I was connected to and increased its armor value considerably how it managed I have no idea but these would come in handy in the coming war.

I slumped into the hard graphite coloured bench that was apparently my couch... Caldari weren't known for there comfort this was emphasised by the entire room being about fifty shades of grey only broken up by the almost luminous green plant on a shelf.

Im coming for you, I won't stop till I've wiped you and your fleet off the map.
I thought to myself while slowly dozing off... "we shall see.... " echoed a reply.

I ignored it and slowly crept into the shadows of my mind to recoup from the last few days....

Enjoy all :)

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