Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ruptures and a Magical Magus

So a few day's ago I took out a Rupture fleet to try and get a fight and hopefully whelp everyone.  I ended up with a really tight doctrine fleet of around 23 which was amazing everyone was in the correct ship and we had loads of Logi ( about 5 ) no caracals or shite to be found anywhere in the comp so overall brilliant, It's how it should be.

We went for a run towards HED- to see if anyone wanted to pick a fight and well we found someone who did pretty quickly.  We managed to get tackle on a command dessie and scrammed he couldn't do much so he died promptly. What we didn't see coming was the SOLARFLEET Prophecy gang with their own logi warp in I managed to draw enough aggro that the  majority of the fleet evac-ed however me and a couple others sacrificed our lives for the good of the fleet!

Report Here  - we still won the isk war so who cares!

We hung about for a bit while a Vexor gang came in as well and not wanting to tangle with the two gangs at the same time we scouted around until they had left the area. Now after going into HED-, Brotherstud passed me over a Magus, Now I haven't flown these like ever.. But honestly it was the most dickish/hilarity ensuing ship I've ever flown. We got wind of a big CTA in up Providence involving a hostile gang or some such. So I gave the guys the option of either taking them home to reship into Nightmares or we continue as is and play stealth support. Decision was unanimous and we shipped out as we were in our Ruptures with a command destroyer at the front.

We rolled up the pipes heading towards KBP7- In Providence. Not wanting the enemy or the friendlies to know about us we kept quiet, ignoring everything and positioning ourselves and hatching a plan. So we got into a system once reds had cleared out and docked at the citadel. Our fleet being not to big I don't think anyone paid attention to us. After pouring through Intel to see what was happening we started filtering scouts into the system to get our fleet in without being blapped on gate. Luckily enough our pro scouts shouted when it was time to move and we quick responded our asses out the station and into system warping immediately to a perch above the enemy fleet after our ceptor pilot Nalles did some pro pin pointing we landed behind the already engaged enemy fleet and started locking up primary's. We were attempting to hit the same targets as CVA but eventually proving to be more of a nuisance then they would have liked Shadow Cartel turned their guns on us. Our logi being super pro kept some of us alive while others who hadn't kept up traversal were slapped into bits.

We did some positioning after getting a couple of kills "Obviously with CVA assists" ;D  After seeing the enemy fleet starting to flag and losses mount for some reason I made the call to warp to a wreck and land hopefully about 50km off. However I warped the entire fleet at 0m and landed on what I can only assume was the Shadow Cartel FC having flown with him in the past. In the split second of realizing as we entered warp I had made a mistake I put the call out over comms "Hold tight guys! No one move on land!" On landing I spooled up the jump unit and all you could hear on comms was "WTF RAND! What are you doing!" Oh fuck he's jumping us" After that I nearly died laughing as we launch all of us along with several SC guys off their fleet and started attempting to tackle them. With no scrams however we failed to stop their MWD.  And my Magus got toasted. In the time it took for them to reach their fleet they were nearly all dead and not too soon afterwards they exploded too.

After reshipping into a IBIS! I launched our fleet once again back into the fray jumping into the adjoining system we lent our helping hand of DPS and Logistics to wipe out their 4 FAX Machines ( Force Auxiliaries ) Not that we made any real difference in the fight but we had amazing fun. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even after a few of us reshipped and died and what have you. Our Logi was amazing keeping my shields on the Magus repped up while I ancillary boosted my armor trying to get into warp and surviving twice due to logi reps before dying.  All in all I think we lost a grand total of about 9 ships possibly 10. We may not have assisted in Nightmares ( we were all poor ) but we went to help anyway in our own way and honestly it was the most fun I've had in ages.

Big thanks to Shadow for providing the big fight it was awesome and their was no faggot acts to speak of just straight up no fucks given quality brawl fight.

Big thanks to the guys who came on the fleet. And special thanks to Brotherstud for providing me with a ship Ive since loved flying!

Battle Report Here.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kronos! BE GONE! - The diary of a Dessy Love Fleet

Yea so today we went out on a alliance "CTA" Fleet. To help our BRAVE Bros out. Who it turns out didn't need our help in the end.

What ensued was a really intense roam of basically engaging and exploding everything we could find. For once I wasn't the FC which was nice!

Anyway I digress. We marched on down and parked up in Red Frogs system to chill. After all of about 2 minutes everyone decided unanimously that "fuck this lets kill something" was the order of the day. So fleet un docked and went on a wander.

So first up was this guy who apparently just sat there and took the pounding like a nice piece of steak.
He then jumped into us again a few jumps ahead and well... 

Shortly after this we camped and bubbled up a station. Nothing of note came up... THEN SUDDENLY KRONOS! Now I've seen what a Kronos can do and it's tank in bastion is mad reps bro #LeetTalk.

This guy tanked us easily didn't kill anyone and almost died when he dropped bastion to dock up. Docked in like 40% Structure. Disappointed and thinking we were being trolled we went to leave. Then he un docks again! This time our command destroyer didn't scram the Kronos and proceed to jump only himself off the station. And the Kronos landed 100km off station and tackled to hell.

True to form he repped like a beast and all the while some of his buddies came in slowly. Up first was this lonely hurricane coming in for a hug with his brother. 
Poor guy didn't know what hit him.

He missed his buddy so much he called another friend and warped in for a group hug! The dominix bless his soul tried to hug me tightly with  his webifier but apparently unscrammed I ran away and blip blapped at his hull tank along with the other bro's of this glorious huggle fleet of warmth and poof he turned into a cloud of love. 
Along with his hurricane buddy who didn't get to hug anyone. 

Shortly after no one else coming to his aid and with screams of overheating ringing in everyones ears the Kronos fell to our Dessie Love Bus.

Not content with this offering we continued our way and encountered several other little treats who through no fault of there own exploded with love for us.
And here.

Few jumps from home we swept upon some blues who were trying to catch a kiting gang of Anti Hug people! SHOCKED! We were.. FC Called the love machine in and off we went to convert these heathens! Unfortunately their speed was strong and they ran but the Pilot of the Loki embraced us all and turned to the side of love and we sent him off to change his ways.

The End.

Big thanks to Alaala the FC and all the guys who came and fought us to provide some great content.

Kronos Pilot > You have bigger balls then most. Maybe next time!

Rand o7