Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kronos! BE GONE! - The diary of a Dessy Love Fleet

Yea so today we went out on a alliance "CTA" Fleet. To help our BRAVE Bros out. Who it turns out didn't need our help in the end.

What ensued was a really intense roam of basically engaging and exploding everything we could find. For once I wasn't the FC which was nice!

Anyway I digress. We marched on down and parked up in Red Frogs system to chill. After all of about 2 minutes everyone decided unanimously that "fuck this lets kill something" was the order of the day. So fleet un docked and went on a wander.

So first up was this guy who apparently just sat there and took the pounding like a nice piece of steak.
He then jumped into us again a few jumps ahead and well... 

Shortly after this we camped and bubbled up a station. Nothing of note came up... THEN SUDDENLY KRONOS! Now I've seen what a Kronos can do and it's tank in bastion is mad reps bro #LeetTalk.

This guy tanked us easily didn't kill anyone and almost died when he dropped bastion to dock up. Docked in like 40% Structure. Disappointed and thinking we were being trolled we went to leave. Then he un docks again! This time our command destroyer didn't scram the Kronos and proceed to jump only himself off the station. And the Kronos landed 100km off station and tackled to hell.

True to form he repped like a beast and all the while some of his buddies came in slowly. Up first was this lonely hurricane coming in for a hug with his brother. 
Poor guy didn't know what hit him.

He missed his buddy so much he called another friend and warped in for a group hug! The dominix bless his soul tried to hug me tightly with  his webifier but apparently unscrammed I ran away and blip blapped at his hull tank along with the other bro's of this glorious huggle fleet of warmth and poof he turned into a cloud of love. 
Along with his hurricane buddy who didn't get to hug anyone. 

Shortly after no one else coming to his aid and with screams of overheating ringing in everyones ears the Kronos fell to our Dessie Love Bus.

Not content with this offering we continued our way and encountered several other little treats who through no fault of there own exploded with love for us.
And here.

Few jumps from home we swept upon some blues who were trying to catch a kiting gang of Anti Hug people! SHOCKED! We were.. FC Called the love machine in and off we went to convert these heathens! Unfortunately their speed was strong and they ran but the Pilot of the Loki embraced us all and turned to the side of love and we sent him off to change his ways.

The End.

Big thanks to Alaala the FC and all the guys who came and fought us to provide some great content.

Kronos Pilot > You have bigger balls then most. Maybe next time!

Rand o7

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