Friday, 15 June 2012

Eve - Brothers in arms.

Thursday saw a new addition to the Eve community, My little bro ( he's 19 so not so little ).

After chilling with him for the day while I was playing Eve I made the suggestion that he should sign up for the trial and one month game time. ( I got a plex for it ) and see what he thought of the game, so he did just that creating himself a minmatar toon because after consideration I decided that would be the best starting point, minmatar rule after all.

He got through the character creator easily enough and I gave him a quick one on one about what certain stuff did , just the basics so his head wouldn't explode and off he went to do the tutorial missions. Having him sat next to me on his laptop proved useful as I was able to provide more accurate guidance and help set up the initial skill training queue for him I told him to grab evemon as it would help plan out a skill queue for future ships and also keep a eye on his skill queue and without my help he downloaded, installed and set it up with the API key. He has almost finished with all the tutorial missions despite losing a couple slashers at first he was abit perturbed about losing his first ship but after that he just thought it was funny I explained that losing lots now would help him to not lose a lot in the future and also get him used to losing stuff.

I helped fit out his ship with basic mods and lent him some ISK to keep himself afloat I explained the basics of ship fitting and transversal and soon enough his ships losses declined as he was able to orbit the NPCs and warp out if things got bad, he has been making use of the tactical overlay to help gauge when he can do DPS and when he can't, in one mission he got webbed and scrambled and couldn't warp out or catch the other ship so he went back fit an afterburner and a web of his own went back and tackled the pirate NPC and killed him, he surmised that if he got in his face before he got slowed down he could do some damage and hopefully win. In two days he's learnt what a lot of people take a long time to figure out so I'm impressed. At one point he burst out laughing as one mission apparently told him to kill NPCs and then leg it when the "charges where set" he sat orbiting the facility in the mission only to have it explode and take his ship with it. Made me chuckle!

Don't get me wrong he still asked noob questions like wheres the undock button and why he kept dieing in a reaper etc but he has leant a lot already especially where modules are concerned if he can't use it he'll buy the skill book train it to level one and continue and with the skill plan I set up.

It'll be interesting to see how things go and how well he gets on with the game in the next few months, he may well be my own case study on the learning curve in Eve, I may even have him join some of my Eve info for noob videos as he can provide genuine questions about game mechanics and how to do certain things that a veteran player could not ( unless he was a eBay toon ) so here's to family flying in space! I hope to see him grow into a capable PVP pilot and one day flew together pillaging other people's ship hulls!

Fly safe

Randy o/

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