Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fiction - Onwards

It had been a couple days since I'd been in contact with Dusty and Counter I'd told them to prepare while I got some rest, I'd been feeling like I had a Brutor warrior sat on my chest the last couple of days, mainly due to exhaustion and probably alcohol.

I let my eyes work themselves open not wanting to speed up my waking up, I had taken to sleeping in Serenity this ship had protected me many a time and I felt safer and more confident when I was on board her.

It's funny that I consider my ships to be somewhat sentient beings when they are most certainly not. However I always got the feeling in some way she was watching over me, we had looked after each other for several years, I opened my eyes and glanced at the sleek green metal that was the ceiling and slowly slid out of my make shift bed. Strolling to the PDA on my desk I sent a mail to Dusty and Counter telling to prep and pass the word along. Then poured myself a drink, and walked to the Pod bay I knocked back the drink and slid in once again feeling the mechanical tendrils grasping at my neurones until screen after screen filled my vision.

I focused and like a flash from a camera I had every feed from the ships drones relayed to me, I let my mind work it's way to the warp coils and felt then warming up along with weapons, I stretched my fingers mentally and felt her jerk within the docking clamps, firing up the hardeners saw her tanking ability soar through the roof the new membranes also doing there job. I felt my mind swirling like it was all over the ship in every console and every drone it was a Weird yet amazing feeling being able to stretch your mind further than your arms can reach, with each pulse of the hardener I felt each harmonic wave crash over the ship like it was a ocean wave, I buzzed scotty to say good bye and released the clamps I swung the ship around and threw it out Of the dock anyone watching would think I was running from something, but in fact I was on a chase.

The hunter has just become the hunted.

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