Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Interesting Times

Sorry it's been short on posts works kept me busy and I was enjoying what little sunshine I could.

The other day I was watching some PVP videos on you tube mainly vindicator ones, and I came across one from back near 2004 I think it was. The old weapons UI where there were no timers to be had. The simple graphics even the stars shared what looked like a colour pallet from photoshop and I sat thinking to myself how far Eve and technology in general has come in the last ten years. Now we have breath taking nebula with a depth that is realistic to the real thing, graphics so beautiful that at first sight take away your breath. The overlay very much different to what it used to be and updated again this patch with that wonderful tooltip for modules. It's amazing what can be done in ten years and I very much hope I get to reflect back on this post in ten more years while I watch my kids pod CCP Soundwave :)

I have been flying the PVP flag and had some fun fights some good kills and a giggle while I was at it I'll write more later when I'm not gulping down coffee this early in the morning while at work.

Expect to see abit more of me as I press forward, on another note I recently got made a director to my surprise! Very pleased and happy to take on the roll. Interesting times indeed

Randy o/

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