Saturday, 18 August 2012

King's Landing Is Born! And Pop goes your POS

This morning my gorgeous golden hull of a Archon came out the oven! And since I have recently been whoring my way through the Game of Thrones collection I have named it King's Landing to go with my Tengu "Winter is coming" they seemed fitting considering the tengu is a Icy blue to go with winter and the archon is as Golden as the walls and halls of King's Landing.


Also last night a POS was coming out of reinforced however the main FC's were all getting drunk in Texas, So it was apparently upto me to grind up support and go and finish it. While beating the drum of war wearily as I was tired, I got word of 4 Drakes and a Hurricane in 5E- So I put out the word and basically said Im going in a Abaddon get me some tackle and Logi in the next couple of minutes otherwise Im going down fighting POS timer be damned! Luckily a few perked up at that notion and people started joining fleet as I was in warp to the KB gate as by then they had moved back to the KB gate in 5E. I jumped in and warped to the gate as they jumped in to KB landing my hefty Abaddon right on top of them I waited for yellow box's and then opened up with a Overheated round of conflags into the hurricane who started dropping rapidly while they tickled away my shields. I called the gang in as they went red and called for extra points we managed to tackle the hurricane only as our fast tackle suck ( Wallshadow couldnt tackle a AFK Titan with 1000 dictors lol ).The Hurricane succumbed and exploded in a glorious fireball. While waiting a second drake jumped into us and died promptly due to lack of MWD or any propulsion mod other then his shear will power. And he died a nice firey death too.  It would seem that these Drakes were endorsed by ICUwarrior and his No Prop mod drakes of awesomeness.. Lulwhut?

We headed back to the D87 gate and chilled while our scout probed them down we managed to snag another drake and called it a day and went to kill the POS.

We finished up at about 2am my time with a healthy fleet taking some stupid losses from people who got caught out by a small roaming gang but managed to snag a few kills aswell. My Talos proved that you don't need interceptors while I burned down and caught their torndao and let the fleet do it's job and rape it.

Other then waking up feeling haggered and sleepy 4 hours later for work, It was a great night with a good turn out and some very funny moments.

Grim's stealth bomber is invincible - FACT

Link to the drake fights - Here
Link to the POS kill - Here

Some mails arnt posted due to crossed boards ect ect blah blah

Randy o/

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