Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Solo Kill? RAWR

So about half a hour ago I was waiting for a gang to pass through D87E-A a system in the curse region. Curse is so pretty sometimes

I got wind of a Hurricane chilling next door in OSHT so I warped my trusty dual web ham drake over to a bounce spot and waited as I jumped in my covert hauler, I was about to drop cloak when a fly catcher lands on gate or rather decloaks and bubbles me.. I hit the MWD and cloak up but get decloaked and tackled. I jump the drake in and land luckily 11km from the flycatcher I pulse the MWD and get point and dual webs on him and tear him to shreds as I catch a 12 man fleet hitting the bubble 50km off me.

I overheat the MWD and burn towards a planet the hurricane is in my path but thinking im chasing him.. He overheats and burns away... seriously?

With his gang on grid, there bubble ship dead and the hurricane running like a wuss I warp off my hauler and my drake safe and sound with a Flycatcher kill under my belt too.

Who said solo pvp was dead?

On another note I was checking out some rumors on SiSi ( Test server ) today and noticed these cool little tool tips. Nice huh?

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