Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Harsh Worlds - Just as the dust settles ( Dusty )

“Dusty you still awake or have you fallen asleep again” Digi chuckled over the comms.

Blinking awake from my snooze I got up off the bed and walked to the communicator set on the wall.

“I’m awake now what’s up?”

“Agern has just sent us today’s quota, and were going to need to start early if we want to hit it”

“Argh what does he want with all these minerals, we haven’t had a proper contract in months” I replied still drowsy from the sleep.

“No idea but as long as my account keeps getting credited I don’t care”

With that I clicked off the communicator. I had been having that dream again last night, the one with the Sansha attacking the station with Rand and Counter still inside with me hopeless to do anything sat inside a drained titan. That had been a long day, I had lost contact with Rand and Counter after that day, don’t even know if they are still alive or not, couldn’t pull myself together to finding out, so many people had died it was just a day I wanted to forget. Once the titan was operational again I had jumped it back to the pos and deactivated it there and just left it, it could still be there for all I know just another reminder of that day, which I didn’t want.

After that I had used some ISK and bought a Hulk and a new life, no one knows my past now only the name Dusty remains.

As I walked through the hanger I wondered if Rand and Counter had got out of that system and whether they were still alive now, but that was something I would have to wonder after today’s huge assignment.

When I entered the bridge of my Hulk there was a light flickering on the far console.

“It can’t be” I said in a shock, as that console was the last remains of my old life it was set up to pick up any messages from it, but had never worked or no-one had ever sent a message to it.

As I opened the message I noticed it was a message from Rand, so he was still alive then after all.

The messaged asked for a meeting but didn’t say what it was about. I couldn’t just say no, Rand was a friend and one I had flown with for years.

I clicked on the fleet communicator

“Digi, I need to do something and I should be back in a few days”

“WHAT, what do you mean we need this today you can’t just go” Came the reply

“I need to. If Agern says anything, say I quit or something I’ll find a way, but this I need to do”

“Ok, well good luck with whatever you’re going to do, I’ll try and keep Agern back without handing in your resignation.”

I requested a 2nd perspective on my storyline to which the actual Dusty obliged. So this will for now be a duo posting mapping the culmination o events that lead up the the finale two writers two different story's one outcome. I'll make sure each post is distinguishable too!

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