Thursday, 26 April 2012

Teaser for upcoming fiction series of Harshworlds.

In the darkness of space we reside, hidden away from the prying eyes of those who would call themselves immortals. The void between systems black and empty a heartless void with no life or wonders a vast nothingness or so we would have you believe. For it is here that we flourish and expand, this is heaven from those that seek to destroy us. But we have not been waiting in this forsaken expanse for nothing we have been watching and waiting. We have scoured the cosmos we have built up our numbers and our technology though not a match before is now more advanced then ever we are more deadly then we have ever been and the time is now... we are ready....

Are you Randunip?

I bolt upright from my nightmare... Hitting my head as I do so... Only to see a swarm of red dots blipping across the screen... Am I ready?

I'll continue this tonight. For now let your imaginations run wild

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