Tuesday, 27 March 2012

50M Sp. And still going

Lifes been pretty good! Few weeks off mostly spent down in Newquay hence why blogging been once again quiet. I have just finished training up Propulsion Jamming 5 so very happy with that! Can now fly my sabres!

Im now getting to the point where Im lost as to what route to take with my skills. Do I train JDC5? Do I train Carrier 5? All these crazy ass long skills but so much choice still even after pulling in 50m SP. However word is CCP is taking away tiered systems with ship skills. No more BC5 and Cruiser 5, Soo.. Do I take my chance now and "panic" train caldari cruiser 5 to finish off my cruiser 5s. Do I train that and all the frigate and last 2 BS skills before they fuck everything up? What happens if I train these up and then they change it and I have to train more shit to fly ships I could already fly.

Decisions, Decisions...

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