Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inspirational Media. The Way Forward

Last week or so I've been rolling through Kil2's PVP videos. I have to say I'm impressed not by his skill which is amazing. But by his commentary on the videos to spend time analysing what you did and what you were thinking at the time to show how split second decisions and good prep work pay off is brilliant. I think a lot of people are to scared to pvp but watching those videos may just sway them to try and keep trying. Kil2 didn't become good by mining he became good by dieing a lot and learning. Now he's returning the favour to the eve community by showing them how it's done. And they don't even lose a ship while learning how nice of him ^_^!

I you haven't seen these videos check them out on YouTube! I'm brushing off the rust once again and kil2 and Garmon are my inspiration.

Search garmonation or kil2 in YouTube you'll find what im talking about easy enough!
Expect to see many losses from me an hopefully a couple kills ;)

Rand o/

P.s anyone fancy a casual roam drop me a mail

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