Friday, 21 January 2011

K-Space, W-Space, Oh bugger we forgot the ammo-Space

Ohhh and say hello to the new me! I think i came out pretty well on the new character creator! That things great fun.

So last night was fun, Not!
Just got home from work and had some tea and logged into eve, I pottered about on the markets on my jita alt making a tidy profit on some good's i decided to risk a small investment in and it turns out it paid off fairly well, I've always hated the markets but now not so much the .01 isk wars dont bother me as much as they used to i just redo every 30 minutes and let it sit. It sells eventually or i buy it eventually so i dont care wether i made 1 isk less or paid 1 isk more in the end profit is still around 15% so cant argue with that!

Anyway a couple hours later Imag our pro scanner, (This lad can scan like no one ive seen. It took 2 days for him to track an entire corp down and find there W-Space in order to get one of my toons out that was stuck in the WH with them after it collapsed.) Mentioned to me that we had a C3 open up in our home system and it was dead. Completely and utterly empty no POS, No ships. Nothing.

The call went out and we grabbed our gear and got inside first up was the orca ladened with POS parts and fuel and about 50 million ewar modules and guns. I've been shooting pos's for the last couple of weeks.. I know what to fit and how much and it generally sits around the "Shit Loads" mark. The WH was a small-ish one and the orca destabilized it on entry luckily enough the main bulk was inside. Everyone poured in as many ships as they could and we set about putting up the POS. Once shields were up people pulled in more stuff untill the scary happened the WH went critical, A ban was placed on jumping till i could do one more trip in the badger to collect some modules and ammo for the corp use. I got back in then we managed 2 BC's and a Badger full of PI stuff before it collapsed.

Now i bought enough ammo for POS guns, myself and some spare for others when they ran out. Unfortunatly 80% of our crew had no ammo in there guns.. or cargo holds. Oopps!
Luckily someone had cottened onto the idea that there cargo holds should be filled to the brim with whatever they could bring and we have enough ammo to last us till the next exit and some after! We were'nt able to get in everything we wanted 2 med guns and some other modules and a couple of ships. But we'll be bringing in spares when we can. Sleeper sites are already providing a tidy sum of isk and we'll make back what we spent within the week! If we dont get destroyed that is ;)

Tali joined our corp and has come to live in the wormhole with us for the time being as "Highsec is boring". And I'd like to thank everyone involved for the hardwork put into setting up everything and making us our first payload! Props goto Cyan for repping the POS shields up after deployment! And our 2 POS gunners are itching to open up our main batterys on unsuspecting wanderers through our space.

Thanks All! Lets make it a fun trip! ;)

Rand o/

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