Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Missed oppurtunity's and Ninja Ransom

So last night was  really good fun. Well most of it lemme explains.

We do get the occasional visitor into our system but we are pretty quick to kill or put critical any wormholes that crop up. So usually it's a lone frigate or in last nights case a hauler. An Itty 5 had decided to poke into our hole and peak about it seem's so i fired up the proteus and dropped probes about 20 seconds later I hit and warped to 100km to see where he was and he was AFK at the nullsec WH we had open currently.
I fly back grab the arazu ( incase its bait arazu cost's less ) And warp to 40km ( point range ) to check and yea he's still there I tell fleet to align because everyone wants to whore the mail like the dirty hookers they are and then we lose one member to DC. No biggie its an itty not a carrier. However he had hit warp instead of align.. And landed on my ass and decloaked me, I hit the mwd after getting back on track but the itty jumped and was gone. Fail.
For those that are in fleets now and in the future. Never ever ever ever do anything unless the FC tells you to. If he says align.. Align! Never warp unless told to. You lose kills and create loss's that way. The chap accepted the mistake and said sorry once is fine mistakes are made i let it go =]

After that we went for a stint gas mining and killed 3/4 ladar sites I can't remember exactly how many I was camping another WH on a alt for lulz. While mining the gas though I got a mail from someone, It was the ceo of one of the pos towers we incapped while being bored in the first post! Me and Tali had previously killed 2 cruise batterys and a web that was offline and then drained the shields alittle before getting bored and leaving the system. But not without anchoring a can with a message on reading "We be back for the tower or isk later" Just for lols. Ofc we werent going to come back we were off fighting other nastys in another WH somewhere across the galaxy.
He mailed me basically saying he had only 2m isk left and he was thinking about leaving eve and was packing the tower up before we came in. Ofc me not being in system wasnt much I could do but me and Tal thought it'd be funny to see if he'd pay us that 2m isk anyway. After some talking I convinced him we were in system cloaked and that we had so much fun popping the 2 hurricanes the other day if he paid 2m to replace our ammo we'd let him go. We didnt expect him to pay seeing as we couldnt prove that we were there. But my wallet flashed and 1.98m isk was deposited into my wallet! Hahaha best ransom ever, Being able to get isk off someone when your not even there is just.. Well sweeter then if they are!

All in all it was a epically fun day with lots of harvesting of tasty isk making treats and alot of lol's along the way!

Rand o/

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