Saturday, 13 June 2015

Moving forward with my ideas.. A sneak peak at the future

So hey again!

I've been mulling over many idea's for the next terrible short story as due to lack of play time I figured I'd contribute to the community I love so dearly with more of my terrible over active imagination.

So I guess it's about time to make a start I'll just dive in with what I have and roll from there. Consider this a improv short story starting point as I have no plans on how I want it to go or end.


It's cold. . .

The depth's of space have never held a warmth for any living creature not now, nor in the future. It is a harsh unforgiving realm where only jagged rocks and dust form what little there is to see in the vast void between the worlds. There is no air and no life that is not found on the populated worlds floating around this vast domain for normal living being could not and would not survive in this world. This is of no consequence for myself however, and my fellow pilots because it is a domain we are bound too.

It's an odd feeling floating about in what I can only describe as goo. The semi amniotic fluid that sustains our body's during a high load neural link, It's special property's allow us to maintain a high load link which gives us a sort of awareness if you like in addition to our own allowing us to manifest reports and visuals from all over and around our entire vessel providing tactical data, ammo capacity and any minor and major detail involving the complete and total control of a star ship. It's like floating in the center of Gelatin a sense of suspension in a globe of safety. However we all know this is far from the truth, out here in the void there is no safety the strong live and the weak die. It's a simple world to which I am accustomed and built for for. I have no family anymore having out lived my previous members by several generations. I have no friends to watch my back and no one to fall back on. I gave up being friends a long time ago.. When you outlive the people you love and care for and have to watch them die or be torn apart by spacial vacuum the pain of the loss eventually overcomes you and gradually you drift away further and further until you are.. somewhat less human then you were before. The void. She gives nothing but she takes everything. And you come to the realization that nothing matters not even death, this is ironically suited to a being such as myself. A Pod Pilot. Someone who cannot for all intents and purposes actually die. All our neural data is stored and uploaded constantly to cloning facility's around the empire and on our demise we are reborn in a new clone.

My name is Akane, I have been brought up as a tool of war and destruction, I am a Pod Pilot an Agent of the Gallente Empire. Or I was until 6 months ago when I resigned my commission to plunge into the hell hole of what we refer to as "Low-Sec" space. A place home to renegades and murderers and all sorts of scum. I was angry and needed to vent some steam 6 month's later I'm still here.. now one of them. Hunted and despised by all. I am a solo pilot that hunt's the unworthy but due to my past I am also hunted, not only by the agents of the empire but also by the local's who harbor somewhat ill will towards me for the demise of there comrades.

So there it is. I hope it wasn't too terrible a start but honestly it gives me something to do in the very limited time I have spare :D

Randy 0/

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