Thursday, 28 April 2011

Busy Busy Busy and Rands QOTW!

Hey Ladies and Gents!

It's your friendly blogger Randunip! Today I'd like to ask everyone who reads my blog a question!
This will be part of an on-going project of mine each to come up with an interesting and somewhat broad question that involves Eve Online and see what kind of a response people have, This will be Rands QOTW!

Why Eve Online?

Very simple question to start off with, personally for me Eve is somewhat of an escape from the hardships of real life... Ok who am I kidding real life's a cake walk as far as my life goes! But it’s still an escape for me it's nice to freely roam a world which is filled with likeminded individuals the social side is great although not as fulfilling as watching your friend jump off pub tables after a few to many tequila’s! (Unless you go to fan fest in which case I’m sure CCP Zymurgist will happily fill in for the "friend" role). Eve has a draw for me that no other MMO can even begin to compete with and that is the community, The bloggers and the Podcaster's the amazing people over at EN24 who provide me with the hilarious antics of Red Overlords RMT fun the Dev's for being there in the thick of it and actually having a random chat with players in their own player made channels most notably from my view the Eve Bloggers in game channel! The corporation and alliance aspect also fuels my desire to play Eve for it develops a close bond with other players and if you’re lucky enough to join a crew with the same mind set then life in Eve gets a whole lot more fun! I love logging in and getting stuck in winding up corpys or just hopping onto Team Speak to have a chat with people I'd like to consider friends in a broad sense and some I can consider close friends like dusty and tali.

I think to conclude this question would be that without the community I don’t think I’d have played eve for as long as I have or If I had I wouldn’t have the fun I do now. So thank you to everyone who has, in some way imparted wisdom, bullets, missiles or smack in my Eve career you've made a "game" so much more.

So I finally got round to doing that post! I have been meaning to for a good while now to be honest just could never think of a good starting point and to be honest I don’t think I could have found a better one! It’s been again a busy few days with Eve time taking a back burner once again to the real life nerf bat however things are picking up and the time I have in Eve is being used efficiently whether it's to lead roams, or work on my PI and Invention or plan my next excursion to WH space! So far invention wise 15 jobs in and 6 out successful! So not bad over all still sticking between the 35% and 40% mark which coincides with what my invention calculator is telling me so at least I know it’s somewhat accurate. My alt has her skills catching up and in 2 days will be able to manufacture all the BPO's for the parts! So success is on its way albeit in small chunks but chunks none the less!

The PI is going well considering my production plant is up and running so it's slowly churning out mechanical parts I just have to get into the habit of actually resetting my damn extractors and stop being a lazy nub cake and forgetting!

PvP was lacking the other day even after having maelstrom putting other battleships into structure on stations in evoke space they wouldn’t engage... Well apart from one guy in a hurricane who wanted a 1v1 with our maelstrom and not agreeing to anything we all dog piled him for lolls. He was a bit upset about it but hey... That’s what you get for engaging people in maelstroms with friends next door... It never ends well! Unless of course you have more friends which is sometimes the case as after I'd left for work about 20 minutes later a fight was on and the guys netted a Armageddon kill and a tempest for the loss of a rapier I think rapier loss should have not been there but his fit was slightly wrong with no MWD for running away he was nabbed by the battle cruisers that landed on field with logi support all told about 20 arrived to flex there might in the end we came out on top and that’s all that matters!

Anyway time for me to say goodnight as my coffee injection is wearing off and bed looks rather comfy right now!

Screens from the ANZAC roam will be up tomorrow morning and hopefully Indy will get off his ass and send me the ones from his guys!

Night o/

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