Monday, 25 April 2011

ANZAC Roam - Epic Fun

So today I got hauled into a roam with some guys from ANZAC Alliance and a varying amount of other Aussies and likeminded chaps with one mission in this fleet... To blow the shit out of anyone and anything! So we shipped up into awesome destroyer class vessels and a few support ships for tackle such as a flycatcher <3

We formed up in Keberz before downtime and went onto making a conga line as downtime arrived we hit around 16+ in fleet of thrashers and various other destroyer class vessels. Shortly after downtime I logged in to see local growing in numbers more and more people came through and it wasn’t long till we had 70+ in our little conga line and we grew to a very big conga party! We had various corps/alliances in this fleet we had for the duration of this roam put all our differences aside and left Keberz as an awesome fleet of doom! Props to Roo for leading and our scouts! We headed into HED-GP and made best speed toward some system I forget the name! Anyway while warping to our outage in HED- we landed in a bubble and got bombed we lost a few good men who reshipped and ran back but our losses were not in vain as the bomber was quickly turned to dust!

Shortly after a lot of faffing about someone called point on a Rokh and we burned to 2J-WJY and set to work on the blasphemes battleship for engaging our fleet of awesome our massive drunken fleet of doom landed and shredded him intotiny pieces! We continued on with a lot of singing and some music from the resident DJ till we reached VOL-MI where a bestower ended up in our sights and went boom! We moved quickly and drunkenly to Atioth where a drake had laid siege to one of our valiant members so for his transgression we reduced him to a smoking heap of drakey goodness. Shortly after a crow thought he could make it back to gate before dying but unluckily for him our members even though drunk were quick enough to alpha him into a ball.. I watched through tears of laughter as his wreck appeared about 3000m from where it actually landed loll!  Next up a Ishtar was tackled on the other side of the gate in K-IYNW and his face was melted into a million chunks we moved onwards in a drunken haze towards BWF-ZZ we ended up encountering some show stoppers along the way a moa jumped into us unknowingly and was pointed and promptly dispatched. Upon reaching 6RQ9-A We managed to snag a Vagabond the lads had pushed through for us and we bubbled him up and laughed as he tried to return to gate under fire webbed and scrammed by our courageous pilots of drunken justice! 

Moving into OEY-OR a Muninn was taking a stab at one of our pilots when our fleet landed and made love to his boat with artillery’s, auto cannons, blasters, rail guns and shoes and empty bottles! His only reprieve was when he exploded in a shiny climax of broken hull sections.  We continued on and finally reached BWF-ZZ were the gate was being camped and after that I’m not sure what happened but all hell broke loose and I died to a bomb lol but only after dropping hero tackle on a hurricane and watching him assplode along with his buddy who tried to kill me! ( Funnily enough this chap had jumped out when we shot him.. then jumped back in only to get raped ) I ended up in 1% armour after that fight when a tackle on a tempest was called in from our awesome scout Splinter07 we rushed in and made him cry all the way home well at least 10km till he died! Then the unspeakable happened! My amazing cormorant who survived several bombing attempts got hit by a bomb and exploded... After that we hit low sec and wandered into high sec about 8 jumps from jita. All pilots in pods reshipped and we went out for a 30 minute Banzai! 2 Kills where nabbed, a dramiel in UBX-CC and another brick squad hurricane in BWF-ZZ! ( Brick Squad love losing hurricanes! )

All in all it was a good damn roam! Where political agendas were put aside. Drinks were put on the table and everyone had an amazing time! Props go to every single pilot for participating and making that roam one of the funniest roams in a long time!

P.s - There was a couple other kills there I couldnt link due to them dieing to fast or not being near the fleet =/
So if im missing any I'll update but so much happened it's hard remembering everything!

Fly safe people!

Rand o/

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