Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pirate Tears om nom nom

Now there's nothing I love more then tears but as we all know the best tears are from the people trying to get tears in the first place! This pirate chap was very very very upset after we pulled the victory rug from under his feet wrapped him up in it and threw him off the bridge. Let me explain!

With KBP- being a little to hot for our small fleet we decided to take a trek to lowsec to play games as we were slightly bored with ship spinning fleet went up and we managed to muster a few BC's a prober and a recon and off we went to Ibash, Systems were pretty clear along the route and we didn't find much to shot at :sadpanda:!

However next door a drake was spotted playing undock games in Ibash fleet held outside 1 jump and we pushed a harby through to play with him. Animal 01 is known for emo raging allot apparently so we thought it'd be hilarious if we could get some tears, After about ten minutes harby landed next to his drake at the fifth planet and engaged. Fleet jumped in and made warp to our friends aid just as the drake popped the harby went boom too as our harby pilot made the mistake of getting to close and got himself webbed. However the tears that ensued meant it was well worth the loss here's a little insert from the convo:

[ 2011.04.17 09:07:50 ] Sara Woods > lol its a pancake parade
[ 2011.04.17 09:08:36 ] Maltec > yarr
[ 2011.04.17 09:08:49 ] ANIMAL 01 > die fag
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:14 ] SuicidalPancake > lol
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:16 ] SuicidalPancake > gf
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:18 ] Sara Woods > yep pusy cant take gate guns lol
[ 2011.04.17 09:09:37 ] ANIMAL 01 > gf bra like i didnt know ur fag blob was comming
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:17 ] Maltec > Itsa mee mario!
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:29 ] ANIMAL 01 > heymario ?
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:33 ] Sara Woods > you at p5
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:38 ] ANIMAL 01 > fuck u fag
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:41 ] ANIMAL 01 > lol
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:45 ] ANIMAL 01 > u suck
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:49 ] Maltec > lul tears
[ 2011.04.17 09:10:52 ] Maltec > om nom nom
[ 2011.04.17 09:11:01 ] ANIMAL 01 > jam dees nuts in yo mouth

Love it.

Shortly after we were douche bagging around in Ussad to see a hauler and a blackbird hit gate we jumped with them and the hauler got away ( stabbed ) the blackbird however made a very futile attempt at attacking our hurricane so we turned him into dust. Then just as we're about to pack up a Harbinger appears in Ibash and jumps into Ussad our hurricane pilot is on gate still and misses tackle the harby pilot oblivious to the ensueing chase lands in a belt and proceeds to rat his little heart out.. Being the nice people we are we land on top of him and molest his ship untill it dies. Which happens very very fast! And well you can see why >> Lulz

All in all a very fun outing!

Rand o/

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