Monday, 25 April 2011

Good Morning EVE!

Early morning post as I’m feeling in the mood! It's been an epically nice start to the day the sunshine is out and it's only 9am, the world seems to be a happy place for the time being and I’m feeling very awake! How long that'll last will depend on how long my supply of coffee lasts I think!

Today the oven went ding and out of the 5 purifiers I put on to cook for invention I had 2 come out successful so that leaves me with a current success rate of 40%! Hopefully it'll improve over the coming weeks =]
3 days remain on the ME research of the T2 Component BPO's which is enough time to boost my skills some more to actually build the parts while also increasing my invention chances so it's a double win in my book!

My other corpy who's lending a helping hand is also training up skills focusing on amarrian ship construction and invention at the present time which allows me to utilise all the lab slots for ME, Copying and Invention.
Anyway enough Industrial stuff, time to go find some pew pew!

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