Friday, 8 April 2011

Hiatus! And carebearing to the extreme

Sorry about the small hiatus finally starting to adjust to the new time schedule! Works going nicely loving the 3rd job :) Staff are freindly and several of them are veryvery cute to say the least ;)

Eve  took a small dive due to this but im slowly getting back into it with the time I have! So lately I've been browsing the blogs that contain this years fanfest accounts and I gotta say I wish I'd been there, The things I would have liked to join in with woulda been the fansite roundtable just to see and meet a few of the people who kinda gave me the inspiration to start blogging especially Kirith big fan of his blog and always love reading his guides or arguments he's got a solid head on him and has the knowledge to back his remarks alot of the time. And the alliance heads too that woulda been something to go see! I was hoping someone put dirtnap squads video up but I couldnt find it *sad face*. I felt that this year goons and test were'nt as funny as they used to be. Test's first time as a participant wasnt too bad but The Mittani really let goons down I think.. He wasnt too entertaining and I felt that the childish-ness of the goons wasnt quite put forward like when Darius did the presentation back along. Also the pictures we'rent as amusing tbh despite the good setup I'd have preferred the stupid hand drawn cartoons. But thats just my view.

On a more recent note I moved back 3 of my toons to a mission system as I really need to start pooling ALL my available resources to grind some isk for the wyvern.. Yes im getting a wyvern ^_^ Im about 8b isk short atm so long way off but plenty of time to finish caldari carrier 5 and fighter bombers 5 ect ect!
Going to be revisiting kiriths guide on PI Management and setting up shop with 2/3 characters running PI for various materals and 1 will just focus on production using a highsec planet or 4!

Also I came to the conclusion once again I have to many accounts. Seriously as we speak I have 4 active accounts all around 18m sp to 30m sp looking to sell one on in the future and put it towards the wyvern and then I have 1 toon being moved to a account once he has skills that I want finished on him and then I can just alternate between the two.

Next fiction post will be ready over the weekend and should be up saturday or sunday night I know dusty will be happy about this as he was quite excited after reading the previous post.. Probably to find out if he died or not!

Till next time

Rand o/

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