Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fiction - The Return

I stumbled out of the medical bay gleefully aware of the morphine still present in my system.  The amarrian station glittered like I was inside a star; I was having a hard time focusing… The noise of the place slowly filling my ears, It was hard to distinguish the sounds at first and in fairness the whole landscape surrounding me was like looking into a glitter filled Christmas globe all snowy with golden flakes with the occasional movement.
I reached for what I thought was a chair which turned out to be a disposal robot however he did not seem fazed by the fact a large Gallantian had suddenly dropped into his world as he lost his footing over the bottle of Quafe on the floor and fallen smack bang on top of him. I groaned unhappily aware of the pain starting to manifest itself on my forehead as I place my hand on it. I pull myself up things looking a little more into focus now. I’m standing on the promenade that stretches the length of the station. Morphite Reinforced Glass separates everyone here from the vacuum of space.  I finally find the bench and park myself on it. Got to hand it to the Amarrians even there benches were high quality refined tritanium plastered with a thin layer of golden flak the cushions where soft and you sank into them as you sat down. They were more like regal couches then benches for weary station dwellers.
Looking ahead I could see an Abaddon floating idly outside the station windows, As if keeping watch something didn’t seem right. It was quiet... There were no people wandering the promenade no staff no security at the doors. Funnily enough I don’t remember seeing any nurse’s or doctors or any other viable human life form.  I started to wonder how long I’d been out... Where I was… When I heard footsteps running towards me and a voice shouted down the staircase just to the right of me that led to the ship hangars.
“Oh For crying out loud Rand! What in blazes are you doing here! We’re on red alert! You should be in the Med Bay!” Screamed Counter obviously out of breath from running the length of the hangars. “What the fuck is going on Counter? One minute I’m grinning like a five year old watching that Raven getting DD’ed then I wake up to find myself groggy and at an Amarrian station, Ya mind filling me in how long I’ve been out? And where the hell everyone else is?”  I grumble still acutely aware of the pain throbbing away in my head.
“Rand you were out for 3 Days, You just collapsed doctors said Exhaustion. We got you back here for medicals we know how stingy you are with your cloning. Then a distress call came about 78AU out near the barren planet that houses most of the systems inhabitants just a basic planet terraformed for real estate. A wormhole had appeared apparently just outside the planet’s atmosphere, Reports of thousands of ships appearing and people being slaughtered that’s all we got before the transmission cut out. Since then each planet along our route has gone silent. I sent out a scout to get eyes on the situation and before he died... We got this” Counter’s voice trailed off he clicked a button on a small remote and on the Gigantic Holo-Screen above the main archway to the centre of the station appeared a flickering image of massive devastation.. Ship carcasses littered the sky... Laser beams were burning across the image and in the background you could just make out hundreds if not thousands of Battleships...  They were tall and bulbous there three hull sections covered in massive spikes. I turned and ran towards the hangar; I needed to get to my ship!  This couldn’t be real I thought! I had dreamed this! Imag’s planet... Completely destroyed by the… Oh god… Could it be a vision of the future…?  I considered the possibility while I and counter ran towards the Megathron and Hurricane still floating in the gravity clamps.  There was no time to greet the new crew we had work to do and fast...

Suddenly the station jerked violently... They had arrived... Thousands of Sansha littered the sky’s... Like Angels from hell they descended on the station there lasers scorching the shielding, Red lights started flashing and sirens sounded. Like hell was I going to go through this again! “Counter fire up and let’s get the fuck outta here!” I screamed... terror and anger both Vying for control of my vocal chords.  “Way ahead of ya Randy” Counters voice grunted through the comms. I looked across to the viewport to see his Hurricane tear out of the clamps and micro warp drive out the main exit and into space. “Main entrance is clear Rand, Looks like they came in from a different Vector.” I don’t reply. I have too much to do. I have the crew manoeuvre the ship out of the station and set warp to high security space. Messaging counter to go and do the same. If my dream was a vision we have 4 days till Imag’s planet is destroyed. I will not let that happen.

“This is the Captain speaking. Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls. We’re about to go to Hell!”

All across the ship echo the words “Ooh Rah!”

This was gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride.

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