Friday, 17 June 2011

Busy couple of weeks for CCP!

So off work for 10 days! WOOOO! Yea time to get with the blogging.

So unless you hide under a Veldspar rock you would have been keeping up to date with recent events with CCP. First up would be that CCP have announced a License that you can now aquire to claim "Money" for third party apps and such. While this is amazing for people like capsuleer it is not so amazing for people like Rixx Javix over at Eveoganda or Dotlan or Eve-Files ect ect. Why you ask? Simple reason.. There is a claus in the license agreement which basically states that any and all people receiving "monetary" donations or payments ect HAVE to purchase this license which is $99 from what I saw.  So guess what? If your EvE related site has a donation button on it you have to cough up $99 a year to CCP to be aloud to accept donations. Not doing so without the license will probably eventually mean you get sued. Fun eh? Theres a threadnaught well underway and well I cant find the link right now so go look yourself <3

Next up Lulzsec a "group" known for it's DDOS'ing of sites and hacking aswell targetted EVE Online the last couple of days. Bringing EVE to a stand still for several hours due to CCP taking the entire server network offline just incase anything was or had been breached. Hence the random server cut offs late evenings the last few days!

Also the Aurum. It's to late for a rant about that and the effect it will have ect. So I shall leave that for tomorrows post! Yes 2 posts in 2 days.. Unbelievable!?

And INCARNA IS COMING!!! Yes folks tuesday the 21st CCP will destroy *cough* I mean deploy the Incarna patch. Downtime is considerably extended running from 05:00 UTC right through to 19:00 UTC. Which probably means at some point the next day knowing CCP and there patch deployment schedule. Personally I cant wait in some respects. I do wanna see the new turret animations and such and the space upgrade as im calling it now with the new nebulas. But Apart from that not interested. I dont want to buy vanity items. I dont wanna paint my spaceship and I sure as hell do not want to disembark from my god damned ship every fricking time I dock in station. I play eve to fly ships. Blow shit up and occasionally carebear when im bored! If I wanted funny hats and wallpaper I'd go install the sims. But I dont.. So please CCP for those of us who just have the wish to be malcontent little bastards and love shitting in someones back yard just to hear them cry in the morning give the option to turn it OFF! Not just for a month.. Not just till you decide you cba to listen anymore but for good? For aslong as WE like. I know there will be a few people who agree with me on this point. Nothing more frustrating then having to make using the station UI more fecking complicated.

I just cant wait for Jita to turn into the next Goldshire. ( Only Ex WoW players will get that ) and you end up having the 14yr old station trading virgins cybering with whoever has the tiniest bra and the biggest tits for ISK.

That is all.

Fly Reckless!

Rand o/

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