Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rolling Trend.

I've noticed with many but not all of the blog's I held dear and near to me due to there awesomeness have for one reason or another quit eve, or just stopped blogging. This is a sad day as they are blogs I have read for over a year and really enjoy reading! I take my inspiration from them in some ways. Perseus over at Aggressive Tendencys was part of the reason I started PVP write ups luckily he is back to blogging again and providing entertainment galour even if its not as often as I'd like! Kirith Kodatchi over at Inner Sanctum of Ninveah was the reason I started my fiction I enjoyed his write ups and they were always entertaining to read during work. Along with many others they have shaped and influenced in some way how I present my blogs and how I come up with new idea's or topics. Everyone on that list has in some way made me want to check in everyday to see if anything new is up but alas some are dieing out and more seem to heading that way! Is this the be all end all of some of the most famous and infamous bloggers of the Eve Online community? Will there be people there to fill there shoes?

If anyone has any blogs they think are "worth the read" please drop in a comment! I'll always read a couple of posts before deciding wether to add you to my watch list! New/Old doesnt matter!

Rand o/

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