Sunday, 19 June 2011

AT9 Write up of the Final Round!

I will trying to do this WHILE the AT9 Finale is running. So the data is upto date accurate so hopefully this goes well! Good luck to Hydra and Outbreak! COME ON HYDRA!

So the Outbreak team fielded 3 Sleipnirs, 1 Claymore, 1 Scimitar, 1 Huggin, 3 Sabres and a Thrasher and for Hydra they have 3 Vindicators, 1 Onerios, 3 Sabres and 3 Keres!

This is going to be a interesting match especially if those sleipnirs are autocannon fit a nice close range balls to wall fight is about to go down. Less then a minute till go time! 

Here we go! The first blood is drawn with the first Vindicator going into deep armor along with a sabre and another sabre. The sabre is down and so is the second sabre, one vinidicator is down now too! Damage being spread across the outbreak team but nothing substational. Hydra just lost a Keres along with there final sabre. The second vindi is about to hit structure and soon to be nothing but dust! Outbreak sleipnir is very close to armor! 2nd Vindi is down! With the Hydra Onerios hitting low shields. The sleipnir from Outbreak hit half armour before being saved by the scimmy. Hydra's final Keres is dippinginto armor being repped at the moment by the onerios, So far most of the DPS from Outbreak is being tanked by the onerios Outbreak switched targets to the Onerios which has now dipped into armor with the other Vindi at low shields and the final Keres is still hanging on with full stats all round. Outbreak sleipnir just hit structure! He got to close to the Vindi! And Outbreak lose a Sleipnir! Not a flawless victory for outbreak it seems. Outbreak has just lost a Sabre aswell and yet another one. It looks like Outbreak may have given them a little chance to shoot more stuff. Outbreaks 3rd sabre is down. Looks like Laedy is now ontop of the Huggin which is slowly going down. Deep structure and BOOM! Huggin down for Outbreaks team. It doesnt look like Outbreak is applying any damage to the Hydra team. The Outbreak Scimitar is now hitting armor and is in structure and boom! Scimitar down for Outbreak. 3 vs 4. 2 Sleipnirs 1 claymore and a thrasher remain for Outbreak with a Vindi, Onerios and a Keres for Hydra. The second sliepnir is downed by Laedy! With the 3rd following close behind! Claymore is going down too now with it reaching armour. The onerios is at half armor as the Claymore explodes. The final Keres died awhile back but I didnt see! The lone thrasher from Outbreak finish's off the Onerios as Laedy pummels the thrasher into the floor! A good match but not a fan of fixs.

Amazing AT! Especially the PL upset was funny. I still think Shadoo should keep that promise to go after goons! Good work guys all of you! Been a awesome time! <3

Rand o/ I had to quick type so some spelling may be off! Apologys <3 xxxxxx

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