Monday, 9 May 2011

SISI - Agent Changes?

So doing my little bit of snooping last night on SISI otherwise known as Singularity the test server for EVE Online, I came across some intriguing and very sought after changes! They have finally decided to look into revamping the agents! *Cheers* However whether or not these SISI side changes bear any fruit in the real world on TQ is another matter. The following changes have been noted and tested to some extent.

Visually the capacitor is more readable now with darker orange blocks and less of them representing what capacitor you have available so instead of say 100 blocks in total on a Battleship it's now 50 but there a lot more predominant then they used to be. Personally I think it's a nice small change and it does look a lot tidier.

Next up are the agents! They have finally gotten round to changing agent divisions to something a little more simplified. So there are now 5 divisions as far as I know. Security, Mining, Manufacturing, R&D and Courier. All involve one task and are pretty easy to identify by their names. No more courier missions in Security! No more mining missions popping up after running Angels Extravaganza! This is a welcome change and I will personally drag CCP out of the closet and into the fire if they do not see them through. You heard me guys... I'd hide if I were you!

Also with the agent changes comes the removal of their effective quality now it's simply Level 1-4 no more -20 or +20 agents they are all the same which again is a damned welcome change it will spread out pilots across more systems rather than hunting for those "Prime" agents with the best quality and such Pay outs remain roughly the same with some missions I managed to get pulling in more than they did before. This also means that skills relating to agent quality have been removed and skill points reimbursed. Someone has mentioned that Level 5 agents dropped on some pay outs from around 90,000 Loyalty Points to 60,000/75,000 Loyalty Points. Personally so what 60k is still a boat load so HTFU and stop your bitching.

These changes while miniscule in the grand scheme of things will defiantly make life a lot easier for people who run missions (Myself on occasion) and will also cause the populace to spread out as opposed to favouring the big mission hubs. A lot of space is being left unused and wasted and CCP's remedy is to put something in the space worth going for and what better than a level 4 agent where high sec is concerned. No more lagging in Ichoriya no more station bumps and can spam in Motsu! GO FORTH AND BE FREE MY MINIONS!

Rand o/

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