Monday, 2 May 2011

lilfleebs bday suicide roam.. Without the suicide


We went out roaming in celebration of fleebs 100th birthday... Lol actually I'm not sure how old he was but hey never mind! We formed up in Keberz only to find upon jumping into HED-GP everyone wanted to be a pansy and run away so we dicked about for a bit and one of our guys got bombed and died which cause hilarity on comms for about 5 minutes. We continued on towards KBP- to find every system empty and not wanting of our fleet’s attention... At this point I had to log off for 10 minutes and within that time the bastards snagged a cloaky hurricane!

We continued onwards after I arrived to no applause from our ewoke and evoke friends regardless of the fact we bought with us gifts of isotopes and party poppers. After some mooching around in TU- we moved back into KBP to try and entice them with pancakes cooking skills... the smells wafted through the station and within minutes a drake came outside to play escorted by two scimitar companions. We engaged the drake spread points and when they started cycling reppers on the drake we poured all the dps we had onto one scimitar only to have him explode in a glorious fireball. The other 2 docked up obviously a little hurt about their failed attempt at... Actually I’m not entirely sure what they were attempting to do to be honest.

Anyway literally just after the tears from  TeamSpeak had died down the orca that had warped to station previously undocked and we proceeded to bump it a little for lolls and started draining his shields down he hit armour and expecting him to dock upon reaching structure he merely floated there and died. To our surprise and glee we ended up with a nice drop granted most of it was in a courier contract package totalling 70,000m3 you can see from this kill mail here, that he lost a fair amount and to top it off a cut from a conversation with our dear orca friend is below!

[ 2011.05.02 11:46:16 ] Wurzellocher > o/ 
[ 2011.05.02 11:46:27 ] lilfleeb > I am sorry for your loss. May i ask what happened? [ 2011.05.02 11:46:45 ] Wurzellocher > yeah, had a bug .. warp drive didnt cease operation, so i wasnt able to dock again
 [ 2011.05.02 11:46:51 ] lilfleeb > oh damn
 [ 2011.05.02 11:47:02 ] lilfleeb > i am really sorry 
[ 2011.05.02 11:47:07 ] lilfleeb > i though you would just dock
[ 2011.05.02 11:47:15 ] Wurzellocher > well, i lost around 1.5 - 2 bil, including colaterals fopr contracts. . will see, if i get it reimbursed .. otherwise shit happens ...
[ 2011.05.02 11:47:17 ] lilfleeb > i feel quite bad actually
 [ 2011.05.02 11:47:31 ] Wurzellocher > np. you ot a nice addition to your kill stats ;)
 [ 2011.05.02 11:48:06 ] Wurzellocher > fly safe and good hunting

Lesson here kids... Never try and warp off during downtime when hostiles are camping your station. 
It was also beyond us as to how he couldn’t deactivate his warp drive as he had been pointed around 10 times!

Oh well joy's come to those who wait and our ships unfortunately lived to fight another day!


P.s Harsh Worlds Episode Two will be released tonight due to editing software dyeing on me!

Rand o/ 

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