Sunday, 15 May 2011

Woop Blogger works again!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a couple days been a hectic week! Blogger was also down for me for some reason with some people able to post but everytime I tryed I got the whole unavailble message pop up. Episode 3 of Harsh Worlds Podcast will be released tonight!

And I've been dicking about with RIFT. After reading a fellow bloggers post about it I decided to give it a spin while I was round the parents and I have to say I'm impressed it definatly rivals WoW in every department. Graphically it's stunning on maxed graphics it's such an amazing scene. The combat is fluid and well just plain fun and the class system is extremely impressive! I'd suggest going over and trying out the 7 day trial. If your into fantasy MMO's then this one will definatly tickle the Elf inside us all.

On EvE related news due to RL this week for me's been quiet with enough time between work and car ect to continue with the invention stream. So far profits are good on average of 10 bombers being built every 2 days all the isk has been recovered and now the profits are starting to roll in which means I can start filtering ISK back into the main corp wallet! And keep people happy with ship replacements hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I do have to remind myself to flip some funds into the fuel division for next months fuel! But with the fuel bill being paid on the next 10 bombers and having 20 more togo on build I think it's safe to say so far it's been a massive success!

Anyway time for me togo fuel up with some petrol grab some breakfast and get under the car bonnet again so see you all soon!

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