Friday, 6 May 2011

The little Dramiel that could

Recently I bought myself a dramiel, purely because I could. I've got to say I've never had so much fun flying a ship there fast manoeuvrable and do a lot of damage and the best part there cheap! 50m for a dramiel is a damn site better than it used to be that’s for sure! All hail CCP for putting faction stuff on the market tab now all we need is the modules! Hint Hint guys! The other reason I chose the Dramiel is because when I fc I like to stay in the fight while also having the ability to stay alive and nothing quite frankly comes close the dramiel for small engagements while being able to pin targets for the fleet with relative ease.

So last night I took my new toy out with a small gang to review its performance and this is what happened.

I formed the guys up in Mendori after KBP was buzzing like a wasp's nest. We took the rear entrance into Providence low sec was relatively quiet as we went through Rahadalon and down towards Assah there was a gang of 2 Hurricanes a Rook and a Rifter floating about but they didn’t want to come anywhere near us for fear of being pummelled into the floor. We hit G-5 and jumped in to be greeted by an empty local. But upon arriving at the next gate a Maller and a Caracal jumped through they managed to warp as we were just landing I noticed them burn to the sun and went there myself with the fleet not far behind. Call was made to drop bubble upon landing and we snagged the Caracal. Maller was smart enough to align out on landing and warped again as we hit the sun leaving his friend to die a bloody death. After a bit of local banter the Maller pilot wanted a 1v1 which Zamoxli happily obliged to everyone else warped in and whored the kill mail with scrams etc. The Maller pilot was really cool about it all and shortly afterwards I got convo'ed we pulled him into the public channel we have and 30 minutes later he joined us in Serenity Rising.

After this we moved along to the out gate and waited for counter to arrive in his interceptor from KBP route as he was late arriving. He managed to bait a Dramiel and a Enyo to engage him fleet jumped in and started pounding away the Dramiel for some reason wasn’t moving so I snagged him as he tried to run away and blew him up into teeny tiny pieces I managed to get a couple of shots on the Enyo before he popped too. They didn’t seem too happy in local after refusing to offer a GF which in fact it was.

We moved off towards 9UY4-H which is Chribba's system and plan was to dock up for a quick bio and then move off again. However upon landing at the 9UY gate our scout reported a couple hostiles on the other side counter legged it to the gate and jumped back to us only to be followed by a Dram, Stiletto and a Sabre. Counter went after the Stiletto after I called the Sabre primary and while we were popping the Sabre Counter lost his crusader. The dram ran away as fast as he could and they refused to play anymore or make any stupid moves so we jumped into 9UY and docked up for a bio. En Garde brought a 10 man gang into system and then left while we were having our smokes and ham sandwiches! The rest of the night was uneventful with Ruby losing his crusader to a cloaky hurricane off the Kari gate because he was 1) Drunk, 2) It was like 6am for him and he hadn’t slept and 3) He was flying directly at him! I jumped into Kari and logged for the night as I had work early all in all a fun productive and awesome roam! And the dram has already proved its worth.

On another note Harsh Worlds Podcast is going to be moved to every 2 weeks which gives me plenty of time to edit and plenty of time to do all my other stuff! Next episode due out Saturday next week on iTunes and you can follow our feed at

Till next time!

Rand out o/

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