Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tech 2 is actually kind of fun..

So as you all know I've been toying around with the T2 invention sideline. I have to say it's actually quite fun once it starts rolling probably due to the lack of actually barely needing to do anything. Every 12hrs I add more inventions and every 24hrs I build X amount of ships. Profits coming in are ranging from around 180-200m ISK a day so far. I have at the moment around 600m ISK in ship stocks left to sell so thats always good but im finding Im back logging blueprints however that is not a bad thing this time round as it means Im having a constant stream of build jobs and nothing ever stops! I am now spending the time getting research manager upto level 4 on both toons to allow me to double the inventions im running at the moment atleast this way I can put a second set on the same line to start after the first lot finish allowing me to reduce the flapping about and also means inventions are constantly running none stop. Same with build jobs currently I run 6 jobs of parts and 6 of ships simaltaniously over the two toons. This however is proving to be ineffecient so Im now training Mass Production 5 then onto Advanced Mass Production 4 on both toons. This will allow me to double the build output one toon can focus on the continuous supply of parts and the other can focus on the continous supply of ships allowing for a constantly flowing chain of ISK! Atleast thats the plan. So far starting capital of 500m ISK for POS+Labs+Fuel and also the BPO's for 2 cruisers and 2 frigates and around 100 datacore of two types, two of the ship data interface and the goo to build the components I have the 500m ISK returned along with 145m on the market and a further 290m ISK in ships currently on build with all the rest on top. So profitable so far? Yes extremely but things can change so im keeping close eyes on the market and making sure that the price I pay for certain items never rise's above a specific margain. So soon it will stand as this in way of a "Production Line" 20 Invention jobs running alongside 20 manufacturing jobs. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Average estimated turn over of 200m ISK a day. Actual daily income at present 90m ISK upon start up. Profit Margain varying at 82%-101%. Invention success rate currently stands at 49% 30m ISK in datacores has returned 20 copys so far at around 10m profit per copy equating to 200m ISK worth of profit in end production. Once the lines been fully setup with the relevant skills this will be the estimated outcome of a daily run although I will be allowing for drops in invention success among market fluctuations but as it stands the investment was a solid one! I will keep you all updated on how it comes along.

Any Q&A regarding T2 Invention dont hesitate to drop me a message on Randunip and I shall guide you as best I can.

Rand out o/

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